Anyone know of ROOT and ROMS for the Amlogic 8726-M3 1 GHz Cortex-A9 Android TV box?

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  1. krankdroid

    krankdroid Member

    Because it uses the same Amlogic 8726-M3 it can run the same XBMC build as the Pivos XIOS DS, meaning full hardware decoding of videos.

    The ROM however is one of the worst i have ever seen. No sync to google accounts, alot of force closed and jittery unstable ROM all the way.

    It runs XBMC flawlessly. Well as flawless as it can run a build still in Alpha development.

    So i was hoping some had experience in getting Amlogic root and know of some good ROMs for the Amlogic devices?

  2. next121

    next121 Well-Known Member

    The builds of Android for Amlogic devices appear to all come from the same source although who exactly that is still a bit of a mystery. My guess it's Amlogic themselves and the OEM vendors cut a build from whatever source Amlogic provide.

    Geniatech are the ones who most often release direct firmware updates, you should be able to use their M3 updates (obviously you run the risk of bricking etc.) & you have to be at a certain SPI and firmware level in order to install the latest one.

    But I agree in general the builds of Android on Amlogic are still very rough even after all this time.

    Someone made CyanogenMOD9 for Amlogic tablets once but I think it's been abandoned and stb's were never properly supported.

    There will be a linux/XBMC firmware for M3 devices eventually so I'd wait for that.
  3. stane1983

    stane1983 Well-Known Member Developer


    Few things here:

    1. Amlogic is SoC manufacturer, not Android TV Box producer
    2. There are many different manufacturers of Android TV Boxes which are based on same SoC
    3. Almost every manufacturer have his own implementation of hardware, eg. where bootloader is placed, if it is placed on SPI chip then which type of chip it is (manufacturer, model, full specs...), which internal memory it uses, which wifi module it uses.... All these informations are needed to create bootloader+kernel+android which combined together makes firmware
    4. Amlogic sources do not include any part of google apps, manufacturer of device decides if he is going to implement gapps or not and how.

    Take Visson ATV-108 for example. Visson firmware is built from almost pure Amlogic sources (few modifications to bootloader and kernel) and gapps are added. Everything else what you see (or not) in other firmwares is not developed by Amlogic but manufacturer of particular device.

    Finding original manufacturer of device you have is something you have to do on your own :) Sometimes it's not easy, they are unbranded etc... Once you have manufacturer and model you can start looking for compatible firmware for your device.

    Adding root to device (doesn't matter which OS) is very easy thing to do, especially if you have upgrade procedure which Amlogic uses (, just needs little googling and reading.
    You can visit my download page (V-Play download section), download any firmware (doesn't matter if it's c03ref or f16ref) and open There you have 2 lines in updater-script regarding su and 2 files which needs to be added to your ROM upgrade file. After that you have to resign How to do that you can google signapk. Signing apk-s and files is the same...

  4. mikegon

    mikegon New Member

    Stane.. I tried doing this but the board reports "E: Signature verification fail!" when I try to use the Upgrade app. Alternatively, I can't seem to find a way to use uboot and urecovery on an sd card for the device, as its a stick that looks mk802-like, but im not sure if it functions similarly (it is an amlogic 8726-m3 f16ref board with ICS.MBX.20120901 installed). Can you please guide me a bit more so I can make a root zip?
  5. bestdesitv

    bestdesitv Member

    PIVOS box is M1 based so there linux is not compatible with M3
  6. Dual_HD

    Dual_HD Well-Known Member

    Geniatech is the company who focus on firmware development bases on amlogic M1, M3, MX (M6) and MT (M6+), every month there is a release for firmware and Genaitech built many drivers for TV tuner on Android. If you have any request on firmware development or even hardware suggestion, you can email Genaitech. But, Geniatech's hardware, even though they are all bases on amlogic chipset, but they are not a public reference board, that is to say, they enhenced the hardware as well as Uboot, recovery and kernel. So please don't try flash Geniatech firmware on other clone hardwre, even the seller claim that they are compatible with Geniatech's hardware. Or you may birck your box.
  7. thegadgitman

    thegadgitman New Member

    Can the Midnight Rom be installed to this unit. I have the download for it version 135. But cannot find full instructions on how to install. Any Help. Please.

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