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  1. wacjac

    wacjac New Member

    Hi all,

    First post....

    Had a One X for a couple of days now - today it wanted me to update software - to Android Version 4.1.1 - Software Version - which I allowed it to do.

    Once it restarted, it had added 'Power Saver' - but more importantly a few widgets have now disappeared.

    There was one in particular on the phone from before the update which I thought was very good....and I'd like it back, but don't know what it's called.

    It was on one of the swipe 'home' screens - it was about 1/3 to 1/2 of the screen size and showed a small framed map of exactly where you are with the street name below it - some kind of location widget. I barely got a chance to use it - but I seem to recall if you tapped it, it opened up full-screen Google maps? It's not in amongst the widgets now since the update.

    Doe anyone know what it is please - can I get it from the Appstore?

    Much appreciated.

    PS - It's early days, but I'm also pretty sure that the phone is running a bit slower since the update.

  2. wacjac

    wacjac New Member

    278 people read this...and no-one knows? Surely someone MUST know? Please.
  3. rod9669

    rod9669 Well-Known Member

    Have a look under Widgets - is it the Navigate one?
  4. BruceC

    BruceC Active Member

    Not the Locations one is it? That's still there.
  5. wacjac

    wacjac New Member

    Thanks for the replies guys - but neither of those. They are both full screen widgets.... the one I'm after is a fraction of this size. I definitely think it's gone off my phone widget collection since the update. I really need to find someone who has just recently got one of these phones prior to that update to have a look at what it's called.
  6. rod9669

    rod9669 Well-Known Member

    Ask some of the guys on AT&T :)
  7. coos lick

    coos lick Well-Known Member

    Hoping this link works - this is the original One X review from GSM Arena, page 3 the 'leap view' preview

    This is the page link if that didn't work. HTC One X review: eXtra special -

    There is a widget shown on the small screen to the right hand side which looks like a map with text below it. I can't remember ever using this widget - and can't find it on my phone now. If this is it maybe someone recognises it?
  8. wacjac

    wacjac New Member

    Thanks for the replies.

    Coos Lick (great name by the way!) - no, that's not a map type app....hard to see from the small image, but I'm almost certain that's not what I'm looking for.
  9. Dubweiser

    Dubweiser Member

    There used to be a stock livewallpaper which seems to have disappeared since jellybean update. It may have been that. The livewallpaper used to track your movements. I have no idea what it was called. Hope this helps.

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