Anyone messed with this phone?General

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  1. jwslam2016

    jwslam2016 New Member

    Has anyone messed with this ZTE Avail? I have been looking at it.

  2. chrismbrunner

    chrismbrunner Well-Known Member

    Yes, i use it every day. I don't want to break my better phones at work. It's a decent phone for the cost. Just root it and remove the att bloatware. Then it's pretty zippy.
  3. t3t5u916

    t3t5u916 New Member

    how do u root it ive tried every thing so far and nothing seems to work :'(
  4. chrismbrunner

    chrismbrunner Well-Known Member

    Check out the thread on rooting. It is very simple on this phone. Enter *938*7668# , you will see a message telling you to wait for root. I waited abt. 5 minutes then rebooted, and had root. I dont think it is permanent, because i did a master reset and had to do it again. I then flashed anthony' s rom and haven't had to do it since.

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