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Anyone need a POGO charger? i have an extra.Tips

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  1. Chrizzl3

    Chrizzl3 Well-Known Member

    Anyone need a POGO charger? i have an extra.

    In some shipping confusion, the company sent me an extra after the first cable got lost in the mail.

    Ended up receiving 2!

    Purchased for about 26$ with shipping from Magnectic Pogo Cable – MagNector

    Product shown in picture

    I will sell for 19.99$ + shipping (2-3$ I would think) if someone needs another.

    Could ship as early as tomorrow (2/23). I have a PayPal acct so we could use that to transfer funds.

    First come first serve! Hope someone needs one, and FAST!!!

    I will check back here periodically, also feel free to PM me!



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  2. siggy1964

    siggy1964 Well-Known Member

    Too bad I just got my second one today. I'm gonna put it in my vehicle.
  3. jc258

    jc258 Member

    Possible to ship to Australia? I paid for one on the 10th, but am yet to receive any notification if it has been sent at all? So Im left here waiting and wondering.
  4. Chrizzl3

    Chrizzl3 Well-Known Member

    I may be able to ship it to Australia, but I think the shipping would be really expensive. Not sure on those details.

    The same thing has happened to be and others, and they have good customer service. although i'd like to sell it, I think you can get another one sent to you.

    Contact them first, and let me know what they'll do. I can look into shipping it to you for sure. Ill be in touch.

  5. jc258

    jc258 Member

    Thanks for the offer, but it turns out it actually arrived today! :) Funny how these things work.
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  6. NYCHitman1

    NYCHitman1 Gun for Hire Developer

    You should try going to AF's Classified forum. You might have better luck trying to sell the accessory there.
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  7. djbasik

    djbasik Well-Known Member

    If this is still available I will buy it off you. I know it was a long time ago, but its worth a try....

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