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  1. jdklove18

    jdklove18 New Member

    Just curious if anyone ordered the DNA from wirefly? If so, did you get shipping info? I know with my TBolt I had it the day it released. Just wondering how long I would have to wait to get my phone...

  2. ncsteelerfan

    ncsteelerfan New Member

    I did. It is still in limbo...they cannot say when it will be shipped out.
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  3. ncsteelerfan

    ncsteelerfan New Member

    Still no
  4. jdklove18

    jdklove18 New Member

    Just checked. Says my order is ready to be shipped. Ship date is today with delivery listed as tomorrow. Didn't get the email confirmation yet though.....
  5. wireflyblows

    wireflyblows New Member

    I ordered it last week, and in that span of time, they have changed the status four different times. Each time ending with the same result: Approved: Awaiting Inventory. I too was told a shipping date then later to find out that was misinformation provided. This will be the last time I use wirefly. Definitely not worth $50 savings. Would have had the phone if I just ponied up the extra $50. In this day and age, $50 isn't really saving anything. It's like pennies now a days, so shame on me for being cheap.
  6. Wirefly

    Wirefly Well-Known Member

    We will ship the phones as soon as we are able to. The carrier sends them to us and we are waiting on our shipment from Verizon. If you have a specific question about your order, please PM me and I will be happy to answer it for you.
  7. ncsteelerfan

    ncsteelerfan New Member

    Mine was delayed, not shipped next day as promised, and when I finally got it today, it didn't have a sim card with it (although it did have the punched out card in the box). Add that to the fact the 2nd phone they sent was the wrong phone, they only hit on 1 out of 3 that I ordered...
  8. ncsteelerfan

    ncsteelerfan New Member

    Follow up -- spoke with J***** at Wirefly, and they are taking care of my issues, with no hassle, and are doing their best to make me a happy customer.
  9. pushpulley

    pushpulley Member

    Ordered my Droid DNA online yesterday afternoon, chatted with WF support immediately thereafter and got the order squared away; saw that it shipped out last night right at 7pm, and my girlfriend just emailed me that it arrived at the house! Super psyched with my WireFly experience and having saved 50 bucks over the local Verizon store!!!
  10. 05evors

    05evors Member

    If you get a DOA or a burnt pixel vzw corp store cannot help have to deal y w WF during the return period. $50 is a tank of gas(half a tank on an F250). If it was 100+ or more off id go w em but corp stores provision it right and have em IN stock
  11. PsychDoc

    PsychDoc Well-Known Member

    Agreed. For a savings of $50 there are so many issues that can come up that I think it's foolhardy to even consider purchasing anywhere but from Vz. Vz may rip us off a bit with their monthly charges but there's no getting around the fact that they stand behind the products they sell and they offer great customer service (usually).

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