Anyone play Ruzzle?

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  1. TJ225

    TJ225 Member

    Anyone play Ruzzle? I've been playing it against co-workers. It is fun but I want another game that is similar to Ruzzle but harder.

  2. BXP_Thunder

    BXP_Thunder Member

    About to head out on a long flight so looking for some games - is Ruzzle any fun playing solo?
  3. miskairal

    miskairal Member

    You can play against random opponents - you might find that harder? Word Weazel is a little different so maybe worth a try, a very fast game as you only play for 60 seconds and have only about 5 seconds between games.
    Ruzzle's not much fun solo but you can play it that way, it's called practice mode. You might find Wordzup more interesting solo?

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