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  1. WoodrowB

    WoodrowB Active Member

    I'm considering purchasing a Canadian GN from CanadaGSM for use in the US. Their price is the lowest I've seen on the web, but they only accept forms of payment that facilitate immediate transfer of funds.

    I can't find many reviews of this site on the web....any experiences y'all care to share?

  2. PHaRcYDe

    PHaRcYDe New Member

    I too am looking to purchase a phone through CanadaGSM (Samsung Galaxy S II i9100). Figured I'd bump rather than start a new thread.

    Yes, I'm knew

    No, this is not a troll post.
  3. eaknet

    eaknet Active Member

    I'd be wary of any supplier who requires immediate funds up-front. You'd be better off spending a few more bucks to purchase via a method you trust and/or has a physical presence in your home country.
  4. PHaRcYDe

    PHaRcYDe New Member

    This was also my initial assessment, so I decided to do a little more digging. Apparently Canada GSM is also World GSM Phones. Their site looks slightly more refined. They have an 800 number for contacting them on the front page and are accepting credit cards rather than just paypal. This is good in case anything is disputed.

    I sent an e-mail (on a Sunday) inquiring about the Samsung Galaxy S II and got a reply in under 4 hrs, albeit sent from a mobile phone. I also came across some archived forums of people who had done dealings with them in October of last year. Sadly, I didn't bother to bookmark the thread so I've been searching for it for the better half of the morning. Everyone who had bought a phone seems pleased, no negative reviews or complaints. Most people even went on to say how quickly they shipped their product.

    Still, I'd like to get the opinion of anyone who has directly dealt with Canada GSM or World GSM Phones within the last few months. At $475 + S&H, no tax, I think I've found the lowest possible price for a brand new SGS2. I've had my eye on this particular phone for over a month and as anxious as I am to finally get it in my hands, I'll wait a little longer if need be.
  5. benetton73

    benetton73 New Member

    just registered to reply to you

    was considering placing a order with them as well, after a bit of searching, I found out that is connected to
    do a search, on
    I actually made a purchase from them a couple of years ago and received a returned item sold to me as brand new, you can search on
    for info from other people that had the same thing happen to them.

    go to the "how to order" on and check the email address, it for

  6. pachi72

    pachi72 New Member

    I ordered an unlocked GS3 from them and i came locked...Beware..
  7. moozie

    moozie New Member

    Buyer beware. Purchased a phone from them 1 month later havent recieved the phone or refund. They dont answer the phone or reply to emails

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