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Anyone purchased USB connection kit?General

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  1. palur

    palur Member

    I have been desperately looking for USB connection kit and can not find in stores or online. Anybody had any success in getting one?

  2. olskool

    olskool Well-Known Member

    Already loaded on all usb charger phones. Just hook it up and drivers auto load.
    My X also has Motorola media link tool. Great companion for media management.
    You need to put your device info in for better and faster, more detailed help.
  3. palur

    palur Member

    I am not sure if I was clear. The USB connection kit that I was talking about is an accessory for Samsung galaxy tab and, with which, we could attach flash drives to upload data on to Galaxy. Are you talking about the same?
    Thank you.
  4. sunlimited

    sunlimited Well-Known Member

    think olskool is talking about the usb connector cable that came with the tab.
  5. John85D

    John85D New Member

    Wouldn't it be possible to buy a female to female USB adapter and then plug to the USB connector cable. Then just plug any USB device to the female adapter. Just thinking it might work for the mean time that the USB connection kit is nowhere to be found.
  6. badankles

    badankles Well-Known Member

    not yet, but definitely will when available.
  7. lens pirate

    lens pirate Well-Known Member

    GREAT IDEA!! Anybody try this yet?
  8. ahigh45

    ahigh45 New Member

    Yes, I have a female adapter and tried and it didn't work.
  9. Izze

    Izze New Member

    I just got mine at Best Buy, bought it in the store for 19.99
  10. yojosefo

    yojosefo Member

    I also got it at best buy, works greatbut supposedly up to 32gb fat32 will try later withhard drive. Is quite small and easy to use! :)
  11. Jore

    Jore Well-Known Member

    Just picked one up at Best buy last night as well. Last one in my area and now sold out again. I didn't even realize they sold these locally, thought could only get it online.
  12. rl9228

    rl9228 New Member

    I purchased it directly from Samsung. I plug the Tab into the keyboard dock (also purchased directly from Samsung) and the USB connection kit connected to a mouse into the port on the dock.

    With it and the Samsung keyboard dock I'm able to have a convertible Tab.

    Next I'm going to test plugging in a powered USB hub into the Samsung connection kit.

    Does anyone know if that will work?
  13. Jore

    Jore Well-Known Member

    What app do you use to access a USB thumbdrive? I both have File Manager HD and ES File Explorer but both say the drive is empty however there are AVI files on it.
  14. lisamig

    lisamig New Member

    Just keep checking with Best Buy .. that's where I got my USB connection kit. One store near us was sold out of them but another one had just one left. OR give them a call, they will hold things for customers. Plus they will also tell you what day of the week they get deliveries, unfortunately they never know what is going to be on the truck.

    You can order it offline at Best Buy and have it shipped to the store for pick up. Or if you are near the store, you can order it there and they might not charge you shipping if they are out of them.

    I use mine all the time, for books and movies. Wish it was in a better spot but oh well, just turn it upside down.
  15. clb2196

    clb2196 Well-Known Member

    I got mine from BB too, out of stock online but they had it at my store. I did a store pickup to make sure it'd still be there when I got there. I also got this to go with it.
  16. GammaRayBurst

    GammaRayBurst Member

    I just ordered a product from Samsung off of their website. Unlike what most reviewers are showing in their demos, this one is a "USB & SD Connection Kit," and it contains 3 things in the box for $29.99: 1) a USB adapter; 2) an SD card adapter, which will allow you to read camera SD cards and such; and 3) a Micro SD adapter, which looks like an SD card with a channel into which to insert a micro sd card.

    A saw an ad for the product, and when Best Buy said they didn't have it, I contacted Samsung, who told me to enter h t t p : // bit . ly / oLxmXv

    There are some things to note. If you have purchased the USB adapter, and when you plug it in you are getting no response, you may want to try rebooting with the USB device inserted. This was the case with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 16GB, which I normally have sitting in the keyboard dock. My Tab wouldn't recognize the USB adapter inserted "on the fly," and in fact annoyingly deactivated my keyboard as well. (It is puzzling as to why "on the fly" connection worked for one reviewer on YouTube, who also had the keyboard dock attached.)

    After booting with the USB adapter with a flash USB drive ("thumb drive") inserted, my Tab displayed a message down in the tray that the USB device was connected, and instructed me to click there when I wanted to dismount the device "safely."

    As is usual from Samsung, there is almost no documentation. Some advice online had me looking under /mnt, and finding nothing. It was frustrating. I had almost given up, when I happened to see a new directory while typing in Quickoffice. It was called "USBStorage," with a subdirectory underneath called "SDA", and under that---finally!---the contents of my Flash drive.

    I have also read online that any USB drive you want to view with Android devices must be formatted with FAT32, and not, for example, with NTFS.

    Unfortunately, I need to report that there are bugs. First, when I connected the USB adapter on my device "on the fly," it not only didn't work, but also deactivated my keyboard dock. Grrrrrr. Also when, after working with the Flash drive for a while, I clicked for the "safe" dismount, it again deactivated my keyboard dock, forcing me to reboot to regain keyboard function.

    The second time I dismounted, the Equalizer app that I have installed for my Music beta suddenly reported that it had unexpectedly stopped working, so I suspect that other hardware on the Tab (headphone jack?) may also have been affected.

    Also, from what I have read, devices that draw too much power may require an AC-powered USB hub, rather than a bus-powered one. I have not tried this, but a FAT32-formatted external hard drive, with its own power supply or connected to an AC-powered hub, may be readable with the Galaxy Tab. (The new S2 1 TB external USB hard drives from Samsung, smaller than a playing card and available in multiple colors, are SWEET, but are bus-powered.)

    I have yet to do further testing, such as connecting directly to the Tab without the dock, trying out the SD card adapter, or connecting other devices. I have a 1 TB external USB hard drive with AC power, but unfortunately it is formatted for NTFS. I'm uncertain as to whether---if I were to partition a portion of the disk and format it for FAT32 with the Windows Vista Disk Management utility---it would show up. With the number of bugs in the USB adapter, I'm not certain I want to try this, since it houses a lot of important data. But maybe someone else would like to be brave, and report back to us.
  17. cmcollins001

    cmcollins001 Well-Known Member

    I have the keyboard dock and the usb adapter kit which I bought from Best Buy. The instructions on the usb adapter do say that you should have the usb flash drive, or keyboard, or mouse, or printer, or whatever, plugged into the usb adapter BEFORE you plug the adapter into the tab.

    I can and have had the tab docked into the keyboard and then put my usb flash drive into the adapter and plug the adapter into the keyboard and it reads it every time without having to reboot. Data transfer is incredibly fast and I was really surprised.

    I have also used the adapter without the keyboard dock with no problem at all.
  18. GammaRayBurst

    GammaRayBurst Member

    It later turned out that the flash drive I was reading is formatted FAT, and not FAT32. I assumed that it was FAT32, because I had read that the USB host couldn't read anything else. But when I took it back to my PC and analyzed it, it shows as FAT. I'm now surprised that I could read it at all. But I wonder if that's where the problems arose.

    The next thing I want to try is actually playing music off of a flash drive with Google Music, but now I think I should buy a newer flash drive so that it's a fair test. I was told by Samsung that this should be possible, and is the main reason I bought the USB adapter. (I'm storing all my music locally, and am going to run out of room at the rate I'm going.)
  19. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    I havehad the connection kit since day 1 and never use the cable to conect my tab to my laptop, just use a USB stick.
  20. Petitbarzun

    Petitbarzun Member

    I got it this week and tried it with a 64gb SD card. Off course that did not work, the card needs to be formatted first. It needs to be formatted using fat32. I found a utility that could do that and now the card is properly recognized.

    It is a bit disappointing that the SD card can't be fully inserted, so you can't store the adapter with the SD card.

    I tested the other adapter with a 15gb usb stick. Also here it required formatting with fat32, but then it worked as expected.
  21. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    That is good news. It means that SDXC card work with it. I need to get one of them as I need a lot of backup space.
  22. GammaRayBurst

    GammaRayBurst Member

    Oh, that is great! I was confused because the old, original SD cards only supported up to 2 GB. But in stating that the adapters would support up to 32 GB, Samsung was, in effect, saying that the adapters would support SDHC. And I wasn't sure. I als wasn't sure whether you could return one if you found out it didn't work. So now I can order one. Thanks!

    I came across a really strange discussion the other day on another forum. I had looked up info about the folder LOST.DIR that shows up. This guy was saying that these devices are notoriously unreliable, and that he often found important files in LOST.DIR, stripped of file extension and with numbers and letters as filename. He also said that you really should do a safe dismount, even on Windows. I stuck an old one in my PC, and right-clicked on the volume, and sure enough, there is a "Safely Disconnect" in the menu! They never tell you that on the package! I have just been yanking them out. Has anyone else heard unreliability info, and that you have to be very careful with them?
  23. GammaRayBurst

    GammaRayBurst Member

    I just read that again. I should have said SDXC, but can we assume that if it accepts SDXC, then it will also accept SDHC? Did your Tab 10.1 really see all 64 GB when it was formatted FAT32? Because the booklet that came with mine said that the maximum it will support is 32 GB...
  24. Kulbhushan

    Kulbhushan New Member

    But has anyone tried connecting 1 TB FAT32 External Hdd? Does it work? Can you play movies from hdd?
  25. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    If you use a Y USB cable and connect he other end to a USB charger to porovide the HDD with power it will work.

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