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  1. Carlos A

    Carlos A Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if the ICS OTA update is being released? Cause i have read a couple of articles ever since last week that the update has been rolled out. I know the soak test began two tuesdays ago.

    Has anyone gotten it?

  2. dave begue

    dave begue Member

    I was wondering the same thing - I have not heard of anyone getting the official OTS ICS yet. Just have to be patient I guess. I was also wondering if I will be able to get the update on my atrix 2 if I have no sim card in it, just over the wi fi - does anyone know?
  3. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Well-Known Member

    I am unclear if you need a sim card to get the upcoming update. A sim card can be given to you for free, usually, at any AT&T store for the short time it wouldtake to receive the update. You can always take it out again.
  4. hpaco

    hpaco New Member

    Got it today, had a movistar SIM card in it.
  5. danzemaitis

    danzemaitis New Member

    forced it today by checking it in the "status" menu...other then an issue with the battery (see my other thread), it seems to be working fine
  6. Jiangent

    Jiangent New Member

    I have ald upgraded to ICS a month ago ~~~ it is suckssss!!
  7. dave begue

    dave begue Member

    I got it downloaded and installed last night without a sim card. worked well - no problems.
  8. TimmyB44

    TimmyB44 Well-Known Member

    I installed mine yesterday. Everything is great, except for my widget that shows my 25 favorite contacts. This does not seem to be compatible. I have tried removing it from the home screen and placing it back on there, but it doesn't seem to help. Other than that one item, I have had no other glitches.
  9. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Well-Known Member

    Several apps that work with GB will NOT work with ICS. MANY will need to be updated. It takes a couple days, but it will be GREAT once everything catches up.
  10. rohitrocks313

    rohitrocks313 Member

    I have upgraded my Atrix 2 to ICS. It laggs many features as compared on Gingerbread. Many shortcuts wont work, there is no pinchinching option to see screen previews. MotoBlur effect is unavailable in ICS, etc.

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