Anyone return an Evo because the bottom screen is separatingSupport

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  1. lopezpm

    lopezpm Well-Known Member

    If you take it back to the same store they probably wont make you bring everything in but if your going to a different store, you might have to. Best thing to do is call the store before going. Also there is no restocking fee for exchanging it for the same phone model. If you switch to a different phone then you will be charged $35.

  2. lopezpm

    lopezpm Well-Known Member

    I'm with you. They make nice looking phones only if they could work on their quality.
  3. ArtGuy

    ArtGuy Well-Known Member

    Bummer! I was all set to dump my iPhones... Now I'm not sure. My concern is that we are buying 5 of these things to replace iPhones, and between the battery and screen separation, this could be a nightmare. I've got a week and a half before the EVO's come in to make up my mind.

    Sounds like HTC pulled this one out of the oven way too soon - Sh*t!!
  4. wase4711

    wase4711 Well-Known Member

    I feel bad for folks with problems, but, if you have ever worked for an electronics manufacturer, you know that around 3% of the products will have some sort of defect to it.
    So, if they sold/manufactured 1 million units, there will be 30,000 ones with defects in them.
    Does this mean HTC makes a shit product? Absolutely NOT; are there 30,000 defective ones out there? Probably, and, since this was probably the first run, there may be more..

    I just wish that people would keep this in perspective; you can NOT have 100% perfect quality runs on ANYTHING manufactured, so if you have a "bad" one, by all means, take it back...But, assuming that HTC quality control is sub-par, or terrible is just a ridiculous statement...
    I dont work for HTC, and I do have sympathy for folks with phone problems..I returned 3 Incredibles after 2 weeks, due to the phone call quality issue, but, it didn't stop me from buying 3 EVO's, and all of the ones I bought are 100% perfect...

    to put it in perspective, most people thought Toyota had the highest quality cars on the road, and look what they just went through!
    All quality manufacturers strive for 100%, ZERO defects, but, that is almost impossible to achieve.

  5. Every new product has issues and these are minor ones IMO, I am still very happy with my handset.
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  6. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    I'm waiting on best buy at this point. They get shipments in Monday evenings from what I was told by someone there. I'll do the swap and hope for the best. At this stage I highly doubt any fixes will make it to this wave or even the next 2/3 for that fact, unless they halt all deliveries and order them to be returned to HTC's plant for fixing. Seriously, I'd sit tight and wait if a statement was put out, I have no problem waiting a month or 2 for them to get a fix on, with the promise that me and others who have the issue will get a brand new one when they hit shelves.

    However, that is wishful thinking, and I highly doubt that will happen. But it makes u wonder, where are all the incredibles? Did HTC really have a screen problem/shortage? Or did some faulty call quality issues, etc prompt VZW to send em all back and demand a fix?

    Right now were all in the dark with happenings on whats going on with HTC , and what they'll do for a fix. I hold true to my statement that they cheaped out on American branded units. I havn't heard jack about the Desire or Legend having any build quality Issues. Couple this together with Sprints sneaky pricing and bill in advance BS, and I might end up off the EVO train for a while. A shiny white iPhone 4 may be in my near Future, and then I'll jump back on the EVO once HTC and Sprint get there acts together. no other hand set has my attention at this point besides the EVO, whether it be the Shadow, Droid 2, or that iPhone clone Galaxy S.....I want my friggggin EVO!
  7. wase4711

    wase4711 Well-Known Member

    did you get on the list at BB?
    I went to mine yesterday, to see if they got any new stuff, and the mgr told me he had 2 shipments come in since the roll out, but they only had 3 phones on one, and 2 phones on another, so it looks like they aren't really shipping tons of them, its a "fathers day" featured phone in their ad this week, so, hopefully, they are holding one for you when they come in..
    you know you DON'T REALLY want to go back to the IBone, do you???
  8. ArtGuy

    ArtGuy Well-Known Member

  9. wase4711

    wase4711 Well-Known Member

    well, in my case it was, but, if 1000 people after me were all 100%, then no, it wouldn't be abnormal..

    BTW, htc has acknowledged an "issue" with signal strength/call quality on the Incredible's antenna placement, saying that if you hold it in your hand a certain way, you will lose some db's in signal strength. Supposedly, working on a fix.
  10. jamor

    jamor Well-Known Member

    Good points. Very disappointing for HTC.

    Weird how they hype it up for so long and it's turning out to be a total lemon. I would definitely return it after hearing all of this..

    Just glad this didn't happen to me. Phew.
  11. neoshi

    neoshi Well-Known Member

    Re the 3%.. in my experience with HTC, they do eventually fix it.. but quite a ways down the line. My Touch Pro's issues weren't resolved until Sprint stopped supporting the phone all together, switched the majority of TP1 users onto TP2s (and ran out of TP2s in the process), and until I got my 4th refurb (roughly 1 year after launch). By that time, you might be frustrated enough to utilize the premier upgrade eligibility again for a better phone :p (oh look... that's why I'm on the Evo lol)
  12. ArtGuy

    ArtGuy Well-Known Member

    I don't know if I'd go as far as branding it a total lemon, but it does sound like there are some quality issues they have to iron out.

    Looks like the screen separation issue is getting some traction in the media, so maybe HTC will expedite a fix: Fudzilla
  13. Selfdestruct

    Selfdestruct Well-Known Member

    Haha I'm glad my photos were good enough for news sites/tech blogs to demonstrate the separation

    I wonder when HTC or Sprint will talk to their customers and console us to make us feel better
  14. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    Yup, I'm on the top of the list at my best buy. So hopefully they'll give me a call tomorrow to come in. I called my local Sprint store just to see If they were still receiving units, and the gentleman said they got a shipment of 25 in, and I'm more them welcome to come in and get one. However, I would have to return at best buy and then start all over again with Sprint. So I'll just sit tight and wait for now.

    IPhone 4, I dont know. Looks pretty cool, looms large as far as build quality goes. Regardless, I'm getting one. I use that line for my other business, and I'm eligible to upgrade. Plus it'll be a new toy to keep me busy until they work this EVO stuff out.
  15. Just got off the phone with sprint and they said they can't do an exchange without charging me because the warranty doesn cover physical defects, unbelievable.
  16. ArtGuy

    ArtGuy Well-Known Member

    I emailed the article (along with your pictures - are you signing autographs?) to my Sprint dealer and asked if they had any news on a fix. Waiting to here back...

    By the way, there are now several articles on the topic published as of this morning.
  17. tranceFusion

    tranceFusion Well-Known Member

    The "almost impossible to achieve" part may be accurate, but to say manufacturers strive for 100% is not.

    Manufacturers make a calculated decision on their tolerance. They weigh the cost of improving quality vs cost to replace items under warranty, potential business lost, etc.

    HTC has clearly taken a strategy of pushing devices to market earlier than their competitor's comparably spec'ed phones, at the cost of quality.
  18. Roman G.

    Roman G. No-Posting Probation

    It's a manufacturing defect, but they would still charge ya. I got charged 475, but it's not a big deal they just charge it to your sprint account and when they get the old phone they credit it back.
    Very understandable of sprint to do that.
  19. s0ber

    s0ber Member

    Thats BS. Its a manufacturer defect.

    Call them again and speak to a manager.
  20. GaryColeman

    GaryColeman Well-Known Member

    No. Where to you get that impression. Your link is to an article that links to and HTC forum that links back to this thread. So by my count that is about 10 potentially defective phones.

    But I understand the frustration. I had to return my iPhone 3GS several times for screen defects (glass much lower than bezel on one side). Even my final unit had the issue, but just not as bad (the Apple store told me it was within spec). Was it annoying? Yes. But overall I still enjoyed the phone. Well, at least until a couple of weeks ago when I dumped it for the Evo. I couldn't be happier. Good luck.
  21. ARR22

    ARR22 Well-Known Member

  22. ARR22

    ARR22 Well-Known Member

    10 defects? Thats a pretty conservative guestimation dont you think. My exboss at RS told me they had atleast 5 come back because of it. 10 defects!?!?!:D
  23. sagedil

    sagedil Well-Known Member

    Again, you are posting a story that links back to here. A giant echo chamber.

    How many of the 100,000's of thousands of Evos have this problem?? Ten, twenty? Haven't seen any more here than that. Yet folks trying to make it out as a huge issue.
  24. ARR22

    ARR22 Well-Known Member

    Good for you if possess a perfect one Im jelous. I took mine back and the 2nd one had the same issue. I went in to get another one and before I exchanged it I inspected it and yet again the same issue. So I told them at RS to call me when they got their next shipment, and hopefully it was just a bad batch they received and I can get one that isnt flawed.
  25. sagedil

    sagedil Well-Known Member

    Are you saying that each one had a screen seperating or just some light leakage?

    Although potentially related of course, still not the same. I don't see light leakage bring in itself an issue I would ever care about. My screen separating then yes.

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