Anyone running an Atrix 2 with Lapdock 500, ICS and Webtop 3.0?Tips

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  1. JeepsOLot

    JeepsOLot Active Member

    I'm looking at getting a Lapdock 500 for home use. I do understand that, originally, the Atrix 2 didn't run the webcam, VGA port, or ethernet port off of Webtop 2.0 and GB. Did ICS and Webtop 3.0 make these options available on the Atrix 2? I'm getting it mostly for the bigger screen anyway, but, it would be nice to know if these options would work. Thanks!!


  2. skearton

    skearton Well-Known Member

    Did you have to swap your power and hdmi ports around to get your phone to fit the lapdock?

    I read that the lapdock for the Bionic will work for our phones without modification. The price appears to be around $50 consistently on Ebay, but I havent gotten one yet.

    Keep me updated on how it goes. I am interested, I just havent had the "need" yet.
  3. skearton

    skearton Well-Known Member

  4. JeepsOLot

    JeepsOLot Active Member

    I want the 500 for the bigger screen, and the webcam would be nice, and it would stay home. The 100, which is what I have now, would be my true portable, and would go with me on trips, as would the 1TB external drive. The 100 I have now, is actually a VZW Razr Laodock 100, which I got for $90 brand new on eBay, but, a Lapdock 100 is a Lapdock 100 as far as I've researched, and they and the 500 will plug right into the Atrix 2 ports. The original Atrix 4G is the one that the ports are opposite the Lapdock 100/500 cables. We would have to do the port swap if we wanted the original Atrix 4G Lapdock, I believe.

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