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Anyone seen a car dock?Tips

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  1. GSBJackson

    GSBJackson Member

    Got my infuse car mount from AT&T in store for 50% off (net out at $17.00) same as online. Works GREAT on S3 for USB power AND earphone jack to car speakers [Thanks Ches111]. Sooo much nicer looking than ANY of the universal docks!

  2. Ches111

    Ches111 Well-Known Member

    In settings you need to scroll down to the "Dock" item and set to use external speakers.

    Then you need an app like car home to take the phone into Dock Mode.

    Once it is in Dock mode the Line out provided by the dock works just fine.
  3. Cochice

    Cochice Member

    For those of you using the Infuse dock:

    Are any of you periodically having your device pop out and immediately back in to car mode? It's happened only a few times, and it seems to happen with I only have the aux plugged into the dock and not the usb. Any ideas?
  4. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    I'm wondering this as well. After getting the Photon last year, as well as the car dock (which included a dual port charger, usb cable, and also had an integrated aux where the charger is connected), I've been spoiled by how Motorola designs their accessories. The car dock has been the best car dock I've ever used and because they made it with a universal garmin ball-joint, it gave me a lot more mounting options. If I get the SGS 3, I'd also like to have the same option as with the Photon car dock.

    Thanks for posting this. I'm not sure if Reginald got his infuse car dock yet, but can you actually remove the ball-joint from where it's connected on the dock?

    Reginald, were you able to mount just the dock portion using the ball-joint on the infuse car dock? I just want to know my options, if I end up getting the SGS 3.
  5. question729

    question729 Well-Known Member

    Well, after three days of just taking the phone out of the mount normally, the ball joint loosened up to where the phone would sag to unusable positions. The good news is you can easily fix it by sticking a piece of paper on the ball of the phone mount before putting it in the socket.
  6. Doyer

    Doyer Well-Known Member

    That doesn't sound right. They have excellent customer service, you should try calling them; they'll probably send you a new one for free.
  7. question729

    question729 Well-Known Member

    I'll keep that in mind. The paper is working great right now though :).
  8. gtrplayer150

    gtrplayer150 Member

    hey all! I'm new to the forum but agree whole heatedly that the dock MUST be powered. Who wants to fool with cables when docking the phone? And who would run gps without it being plugged in???

    I've been searching since I got my s3 and found one from brodit and one from kidigi. I'd post url's but the forum wont let me since I'm a noob. Just google them. The brodit I've found as low as $45 and the kidigi $36

    I had a powered dock with my old tbolt and just can't do without it now... I may try the infuse dock too just because of the price, the 2 I listed are a little pricy bt they are made to fit the s3.
  9. Metfanant

    Metfanant Well-Known Member

    does the phone "click" into the ones you found like it does the Infuse dock?...i use the dock so much (when i have one) that there is no way im going to wear out the finish on the corners of my phone constantly clicking it in and out of the dock..
  10. gtrplayer150

    gtrplayer150 Member

    No idea, I haven't bought anything yet just a few things I found.
    Both "look" like they would hold the phone ok and I like the fact that they don't clip on the top because I agree the clicking in and out could wear the corners and the phone is too new and pretty ;-) I also use the dock (when I have one) constantly. Every time I get in the car it gets docked
  11. Devz

    Devz Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing still no word from Samsung on an "official" S3 Car dock? :(
  12. laptopquestion

    laptopquestion Well-Known Member

    Why is an official car dock even needed? There tons of GPS docks out there that you can use a standard DC adapter with ?
  13. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member


    On top of that, some people just like having an official dock. It certainly is my preference and I'm sure there are many others that feel the same.
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  14. gtrplayer150

    gtrplayer150 Member

    I agree. I for one don't want to have to fumble around to find the charger and all.
  15. sorka

    sorka Well-Known Member

  16. question729

    question729 Well-Known Member

  17. Airstream25

    Airstream25 Well-Known Member

    I just got this Samsung mount. It securely holds the phone from the sides and does not interfere with any buttons or ports. The phone was in a Verizon case and the car mount contacts the sides of the case and does not touch the phone finish. It appears like there will be enough clearance at the back for an extended battery. The mount can attach to the windshield or dash and can be oriented in landscape or portrait. The mount comes with a car charger cord that connects to the phone, not the mount.

    Samsung Car Mount Kit for Samsung Galaxy S3 III at MobileCityOnline.com
    Looks like they have dropped their price to $39.99.
  18. sorka

    sorka Well-Known Member

    That's a shame because the description:

    Samsung ECS-K200BEGSTA Vehicle Navigation Car Mount Kit for Galaxy S III S3 i9300. The vehicle navigation mount holds your Galaxy S III S3 i9300 handset securely while you travel. The Vehicle Power Charger is connected directly to the mount so that when your Galaxy S III S3 i9300 handset is docked, its charging. The mount automatically charges your Galaxy S III S3 i9300 handset without you having to plug / unplug the Vehicle Power Charger. It's truly brilliance on the go.

    I assume the description is wrong? You have the mount and it doesn't have the usb plug, right?
  19. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the description is wrong. You had even pointed that out when I posted the link:

  20. sorka

    sorka Well-Known Member

    Yea I know, but that was because other descriptions including samsungs own website didn't mention the usb connector. I was just reaching and hoping beyond hope that perhaps it really did and we were just wrong :)
  21. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Once you mentioned the part number, I knew it had to be a typo in the description.
  22. Reginald VelJohnson

    Reginald VelJohnson Well-Known Member

    Sorry for not seeing this sooner, I took a bit of a break. :)

    To be honest with you, I never even tried it. As soon as I tried to put my phone in the first time, the mount went back in the box and back to AT&T. I feel like I should have been more vocal about it, because it really does not fit. You have to force it in, and I just was not comfortable with that as a long term solution.

    Samsung really needs to step up to the plate here. It's not rocket science. I bought four S3s for my family in large part because I knew this would be the most popular phone to come along in a long time and I assumed that meant Samsung and the aftermarket would take the accessory situation seriously. I rely heavily on my phone to run my business and when it comes to day-to-day usability, the phone itself is only half the equation. So far I've been pretty disappointed, but I guess I have no one to blame but myself for assuming. :rolleyes: At this point I'm back to having an ugly ass metal flange sticking out of my dash just waiting for somebody to make something that works.

    As an aside...

    Apple has never gotten a penny of money out of me, and I really disagree with many of their philosophies, but I'm seriously thinking about switching. I'm almost willing to put up with their BS so I can have some accessories that work. I love Android, but there truly are advantages to having a fairly homogenous hardware platform like the iOS devices. If there was one thing I could change about Android, I'd go back to day 1 and have Google mandate a common connector and position thereof. MicroUSB is fine, but if it was in the same place on all devices, it would be a lot easier to design accessories.

    This sort of thing just shouldn't fly anymore.
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  23. sorka

    sorka Well-Known Member

    This is exactly why the iPhone has been stuck with a 3.5" screen forever. BTW, the iPhone 5 is using the micro usb connector. Wonder what that's going to do to all the loyalists that are planning on using their existing accessories.

    I dremeled my infuse 4g dock to make the fit slightly less tight. Did more on the bottom inside corners so the the connector closes now without having to do that light press on the bottom of the phone.

    The KiDiGi dock I posted earlier looks like it might work well in landscape. I found a youtube review of the dock but for a different phone and there's a pad on the back that applies just enough pressure to keep the phone from sliding when in landscape.

    But no matter what, none of the current solutions is as good as a DX Motorola car mount. Really going to miss that :(
  24. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    No worries, Reginald. I appreciate your coming back to chime in anyway. I still haven't decided on which phone I'll be upgrading to, but all of the collective feedback in the community is really helping me decide on which way to go. Car docks are extremely important to me. As much time as I spend in my car, commuting to work and driving around LA, a phone specific dock makes getting in and out of the car so much easier and faster for me.

    As far as 3rd party accessory support in comparison to the iPhone, I completely agree...but it's understandable for 3rd party accessory manufacturers to be hesitant in creating "android" specific accessories because unless they're able to make it "universal" to Android (regardless of the brand), it's difficult for them to really pinpoint a great design that everyone will really like a lot and use. Phillips is the first company I've seen that has "android" specific radios (similar to the iphone radios). I finally purchased one for a cheaper deal through thingfling.com (which always has sales on the different Phillips Android radio docks). For what it is, it's great. Using my MoPho, it is a little difficult to connect the phone on the micro-usb of the dock, but overall not too bad.
  25. Reginald VelJohnson

    Reginald VelJohnson Well-Known Member

    I agree, it complicates things, but if Google had said from the beginning, "Put your USB ports on the bottom centered on the device, X MM from the back plane and parallel to it," we might have a ton of accessories that would much more usable. All the manufacturers would have to do is make a cheap little insert for each new device. Certainly this is an oversimplification and I realize Google doesn't really have the authority to decree something like that, but putting their weight behind a universal standard couldn't have hurt.

    At a bare minimum, why do they have to make it so hard to mount the SD card as USB storage? I can plug my iPod into the USB port in my Acura, and it works like a dream. The best I can do with my Android devices is Bluetooth audio or line out. I love the way my iPod remembers where I stopped when I last shut the engine off and picks back up with I go again. I've seen a few media players and podcast apps that come close to mimicking this behavior, but it's not as slick as Apple's integration. It's stupid crap like this that keeps the perception of Android as a "poor man's" operating system alive and well.

    You're right, I certainly don't expect any 3rd party accessory maker to put much effort into designing parts for a phone that might sell what, 1/100 as many as an iPhone? But I sense an opportunity for accessory makers and Samsung to take it to the next level with the S3, but so far they've all been pretty slow.

    I did contact ProClip USA, and they're making a charging cradle for US model S3s which should be out "in the next 1 to 3 weeks". They have one for the international version, but according to their tech guy the US models are all just a little thicker because of the chipset (which is news to me). Looks like that's the one I will wait for, but it's still not as good as an OEM solution (audio line out, truly solid clip-in).
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