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  1. rortt

    rortt Member

    Has anyone seen this tablet yet?

    I stopped by my local WalMart today, and they have none. They had the display setup for it, but no product. The stock person there said they have no clue when they are coming in.

    The WalMart and Vizio websites both say the product is out of stock.

  2. UpOn2

    UpOn2 Member

    Got one at Costco today 7/21, wasn't on display, I asked in the TV section and they gave me the number to take to the checkout counter. Rang it up and I picked it up from the "Service" room.

    So far not too impressed. Navigation is not near as easy as my Thunderbolt. Unable to download some of my favorite Apps from the Market, in fact I can't find them on the Market with the tablet but my Tbolt finds them. Struggling to learn to use the Media Controls (set up my Vizio TV, Audio Receiver and Blue Ray Player), not near as effective as my Logitec Harmony. Had hopes it would be similar..Not!

    I need to spend more time learning menus and drop downs before I get too upset.

    Lots of bloat ware, need to see if I can hide some of it because I don't think you can get rid of it.
  3. spoonard

    spoonard Member

    I'm thinking of buying one. I'm curious about the hardware specs though. Especially the CPU. Vizio just refers to it as a 1Ghz CPU and won't go into detail about it. My guess is that is because it's an older Snapdragon CPU and isn't really comparable to some of the newer CPU's out there like the Hummingbird or the Tegra 2. But i'd like to know if anyone else out there knows.
  4. dlucero7

    dlucero7 New Member

    I have read negative comments from others on other sites about this product as well. I bought this item at Costco about two weeks ago and so far it has performed as advertised.

    What people need to remember is that it is sold for only $329 so it is not fair to compare it to other top brands such as the iPad that cost hundreds of dollars more. You get what you pay for with anything and that is the truth with this item as well. This is a basic tablet that has acceptable speed and expandability via the SD card and has the added benefit of the universal remote control.

    Speaking of the universal remote is very good and impresses everyone that I have shown. Granted it too needs to be updated with added features such as macro functions and learning ability. It has successfully operated 7 out of my 8 electronic devices in my home. The exception is surprisingly my Hitachi 50" flat screen. I spoke with Vizio about this and they said there are more codes to come via an update and they will look into why a major name brand like Hitachi was not fully populated.

    I would recommend this for those looking for a casual tablet.
  5. docfreed

    docfreed Active Member

    The store display in Costco (just the box - are they hiding something?) only says "LCD Display" and nowhere on the box does it say what kind of display. I usually see this from cheap chinee junk when they don't want to reveal the specs - does anyone know what the screen type is?
  6. docfreed

    docfreed Active Member

    I see no bloatware in mine (what do you call bloatware?) just the normal android apps and one or two Vizio things like the IR app...

    OTH, the battery life sucks so I'm returning mine.
  7. foganime

    foganime Member

    8 inch LED-backlit LCD with multi-touch (1024x768, 4:3 AR)

    I just bought mine from Amazon and started a site to collect general info & rooting howto's when they're available.

    Full specs here:

    Vizio Tablet Specs ? - Flight Instrument Systems
  8. Hebz

    Hebz Member

    Hey guys,

    I was just looking for a cheap tablet on amazon so I found this one, I just want something to handle my photos, facebook, email, watching videos,surfing the internet stuff like that (can I download from the market chatting apps whatsapp....etc?)

    What about skype, did anyone try it on the vizio?

    I'm confused does it only have front camera?no back camera:(?

    no 3g right?

    If I use a 32g micro sd card, will it make the device slower or something like that?(someone told I'd better use 16g for devices that take up to 32g so the device can perform better,is this true?)

    thnnxxxxxxxxxxxx sorry for having too much questions:))))))))
  9. skipdutch

    skipdutch New Member

    Bought it for my daughter's birthday, still testing it out, but I really like it so far.
    Only front facing camera, no rear facing. No 3g. don't know about the SD card.

    Skype isn't currently available for download. haven't found a suitable alternative yet.

    screen isn't ips, so looks better from one angle than the other. However, in general, its pretty good.
    browsing is good
    video playback is good
    good sound (3 speakers so stereo in both orientations.)
    pretty good battery, did a test and got 17 hours on full change. most of that time was idle, but I was installing and testing apps for several minutes, listening to music for an hour or so, and finished it off with watching a 1.5 hour movie I had downloaded twice (so 3 hours of heavy usage).
    universal remote had no issue with my tvs and uverse dvr.
    used bluetooth to connect my wiimote and was able to play a SNES emulator with it.
    a little sluggish on response time, but not bad at all
    played Angry Birds Rio very smoothly.

    interface is different than normal android, kinda dumbed down, but actually works well for what it is. no multi home screen stuff like on my old Ally (RIP) instead you get a list of all apps with a top portion that you can attach favorites to. seems like going for an Apple look and feel.
    You can access widgets, but that is a separate app and not the homescreen.
  10. Shawnz

    Shawnz Well-Known Member

    I picked one up this weekend. $285 @Costco! I also picked up the $45 accessory pack for the case and stylus.

    The performance of the VTAB is better than my Rooted Evo 4G. I think there will be a LOT of potential once the dev community latches on to this device. It'll run circles around a Nook Color for almost the same $$.

    I too had the issue of apps not showing up in the market (No Facebook?) but I was able to backup the app to apk on my phone and copy the apk to the tablet and install it. Works just fine.

    Games have been running great on it.

    I've been using it tethered to my Evo and the browsing experience is great. My wife and I both are really liking it. I'm likely going to be picking up a 2nd one for myself!
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  11. kdkinc

    kdkinc Well-Known Member

    Just added Go Launcher Ex seems to work great.
    This launcher and AWD work fine much better in my opinion than stock app launcher.
    You can get adw from the market free and paid.
    Go launcher from the Go Launcher Blog page.
    I Installed via SD card.
  12. marvin02

    marvin02 Well-Known Member

    I just bought one of these and am finding it a solid device so far. I installed launcher pro to use instead of the Vizio custom launcher. I'll have some screenshots up later. The video and sound are much better than I expected for the price.
  13. zsir

    zsir Member

    I've been playing with this tablet for there past two days. I like it pretty well. Video play back is surprisingly good. The only thing that concerns me is the fact that the battery takes at least 8hrs to fully charge and the first of 5 battery bars drops off within the first hour of use. I don't know why it charges so slowly. maybe its a limitation of the micro usb connector but hopefully an ota can provide faster charge rates and improved battery life. for less than $300 the overall quality is impressive. hope there will be more tablet competition in this price range soon. if Vizio comes through with some good ota's this tablet will be a winner.

    If I can teather this to my evo I'll keep it.
  14. marvin02

    marvin02 Well-Known Member


    Are you charging with the provided charger? It is 2 amps. Your computer is probably 1/2 amp (500 mA) and most chargers for cell phones vary from 500 mA to 1 amp. So the VTAB will charge slowly if the charger does not match the supplied one.

    to all - I got a screenshot gallery up.
  15. Drang

    Drang Active Member

    Late response: I asked more or less that question at my local Costco, and was told that they were all pulling these, and most other tablets, from displays, due to a theft problem.
    They still have the Acer tab on display, but she said someone had tried to cut through the polycarbonate HP tablet display.:eek:
  16. marvin02

    marvin02 Well-Known Member

    Price at Costco and Sam's has dropped to about $235.
  17. Shawnz

    Shawnz Well-Known Member

    I'm posting this from a Touchpad. I have both the Vtab and the Touchpad to compare.

    So far, I much prefer typing on the Visio. That 8" form factor it just about right.

    I really like the mail app on the Touchpad. The browser is pretty much the same between the two. Apps is no contest in favor of the Visio. The Android market is a little wonkey on the Vtab but I've been able to work around it.

    I'm still getting used to the Touchpad. So far I still prefer Android overall.
  18. ChudleyOne

    ChudleyOne Well-Known Member

    These were selling for just under $200 at a local Sam's Club in Phoenix. Looks like it may be time to get one.

    EDIT: $200 at Newegg also.
  19. mc9000

    mc9000 New Member

    I just picked one up at Costco for $189. I have a Nook tablet on pre-order. I'll see how they compare and more than likely return one.
  20. Shanerz

    Shanerz New Member

    I got this tablet as a gift and I am pleasantly surprised by this device every time I use it. It seems to be the perfect size for personal use. I use it for netflix, facebook, web, Pandora, email, remote control, tv guide app, photos, games and so much more. For all of its shortcomings it does as much or more than you could ever expectfor 200 bucks. My only complaint is I can't wait for vizio to make a better version.
  21. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    This is because with Google approved products Google knows what apps work on the hardware and what doesn't. When you log in to the Market on your product the market knows what you are on and only displays apps that Google deems compatible with it.
    This is true for all phones, Tables or other Android products.
    Log in to your Android Market acct and look on the left side of the screen near the top, you will see the name and icon of the app you are trying to install and a blue box that says installed, install or buy.
    Below that you will see another box, if you have more than one device on your GMail acct/Android Market Acct the box will say something different, but. If you only have one device on your acct, and Google says the app will not work on your device that box will say "this app is not compatible with your device", if you have more than one device it will say "This app is compatible with some of your devices". To the right of the words you will see a plus sign. Click that and it will open a menu that shows which devices are or are not compatible with the app.

    One thing you can do with this is get the VLT.Launcher from the Android Market. It cost 3.00. It works like a champ on mine and once installed your Vizio will look and (menu wise) work like any other tablet. Vizio would have been wist to partner with the people at VTL to use this app on their Tablet since it works perfectly, here is the link to it in the market
    give it a try, you will love your tablet with it installed.

    True but what tablet or phone doesn't come with lots of it.
    I wish I knew how to do video reviews on these things, I'd set up a video of my Vizio with the VTL Launcher on it. You would jump on the app fast. I also added the Sense clock app from the market and it gives the tablet a better look.

    VTL gives the tablet five home screens, a app bar at the bottom and 3 menu icons, one bottom center and one side center left and right so you can open the menu easily with your left or right thumb.
    Here is a video on it, this is not me but it shows the Launcher. VTL Launcher for Android - Video Review - YouTube

    Just do a youtube search on "VTL launchers for android tablets" and you should see some videos.

    Again the VTL Launcher works flawlessly on my Vizio tablet, give it a try.

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