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Anyone successfully use VNC Server on Galaxy Y?Support

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  1. Lyst

    Lyst New Member

    Hello everyone,
    I want to know, can we really use VNC server on Galaxy Y?

    I've try Droid VNC, and can start the server without error, but when I connect it to VNC client, all I can see is black screen. When I click randomly at the client, my phone give a respond, so basically it connected but something wrong with the display.

    Anyone can help me fix it? I also want to know your result if you ever try droid vnc too.

  2. vonchi182

    vonchi182 Well-Known Member

    i dnt know if droid vnc will work on sgy, cuz i think vnc will use ip tables which is not available in our stock kernel.

    try using droid vpn... its more easy to use.
  3. tomachi

    tomachi New Member

    I have the same problem. I own a Galaxy Y GT-S5360T and when I try either Droid VNC or VNC Server I get the same problem: while the web server works fine at localhost:5801 I can not connect to localhost:5901 the server seems to disconnect straight away. Actually no i test it via telnet and it does connect but nothing happens.... I thought maybe a firewall issue on the phone (which is rooted recently).

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