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Anyone sucessfully paird bluetooth with Acura TL?General

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  1. nickpapagiorgio

    nickpapagiorgio Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 18, 2009
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    I just tried to pair my Droid Eris with my wife's 2005 Acura TL... I got through the menu on the TL just fine and on the phone I went to: Settings; Wireless Controls; Bluetooth Controls; and Make Disocoverable. Also, Bluetooth was turned on and I also hit the Discover other Devises button.

    Neither the phone nor the car "saw" each other. Any idea's why? I'm sure they're somehow not compatible, which is just great because I thought the marvel of bluetooth was that it was universal. Probably was, at one point. Then, like USB cords, SD Cards and Windows, they tried to make it "better" but forgot to make the new stuff backwards compatible. Gotta love technology... the smarted stuff programed in the dumbest way.

    Sorry, it's been kind of a rough morning.


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