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anyone tried joyn?

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  1. akikhia

    akikhia Well-Known Member

    anyone? i hear its the future of communication. i hear cysco is working on something very similar if not the same one. strange but ya anyone?

  2. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    I'v tried it but see no use for it.
  3. Gman9831

    Gman9831 I'm no Senior

    Tried it for the wifi calling but seems buggy & uses too much battery life
  4. akikhia

    akikhia Well-Known Member

    thanks. ya thats what i was afraid of
  5. averagewonder

    averagewonder Well-Known Member

    its ok when it works. at my work there is a lot of dead spots so if i need to make calls its a no go. so its ok than but text dont seem to work over wifi which is the majority of my communication i hate actually talking on the phone. It is buggy but it seems like there is potential.
  6. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder VIP Member VIP Member

    I've used the wifi calling which is the only feature that interests me. Not perfect but it has allowed me to make and receive calls when I only had wifi available and no cell service.
  7. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    Tried it, found it useless. Besides wifi calling which doesn't work very well its other features don't work unless the other person has joyn.
  8. h4x0rj3ff

    h4x0rj3ff Chemist

    It seemed to work better on my esteem than my buddys motion :confused: video chat didn't work on the motion and it did on the esteem.
  9. Necromonger89

    Necromonger89 Active Member

    I swear that I thought I replied to this thread????

    Well, in case I replied in my dreams, I have tried Joyn and had it on the stock, but rooted ICS. It was pretty cool when it worked. Too many times I had to force stop it from the settings because with Samsung's RAM and CPU manager, the app would just restart whenever I tried killing it.

    That was the biggest downside to that app; the bugs. In my house I get 1 bar of signal and too many calls drop. Joyn allowed me to turn everything off except WIFI and talk for hours. I would talk to my girlfriend all day(like 6+ hour long phone calls) with Joyn without any problems or call drops. Now the bugs were related to whenever I disconnected from WIFI or had to restart my router. Once it lost connection for whatever reason, it would have problems reconnecting after WIFI connection was established. What that did was that whenever I had a call, no menu for answering would pop up(literally nothing pops up, no dialer etc). You just hear the ringtone playing and then seconds later a message saying missed call. Then comes another problem related to that. Since the phone dialer didn't work properly while Joyn was running in the background, with no connection, you couldn't make calls. You got this error message telling you to connect to a WIFI/network despite you already being connected.

    It got pretty tiresome having to go into settings, apps, Joyn, and then force closing it. Whenever I used Samsung's RAM and CPU manager, the app had a high chance of restarting whenever I killed it/cleared ram. Sometimes it would kill it and allow me to relaunch it or use the stock dialer. Most of the times though it would just restart with the same connection problem.

    I am currently not using it as I am on another ROM. It was really buggy on BB7. The app constantly drops calls on WIFI, the sound quality is very poor now and it still has the above problems. I uninstalled it.

    Do not listen to the what people say about battery life. It greatly extends your phone's battery when calling through wifi. Just make sure to have DATA and Bluetooth off and brightness down low and you can talk for hours without killing your battery as fast as with data. I literally had 5 to 6 hour long calls with only 20-30% battery loss. Try doing that with regular data and your talk time goes to 2-3 hours maybe 4.
  10. SquirrelNuts

    SquirrelNuts Well-Known Member Contributor

    I've tried it 3 different times on the LG Motion, and uninstalled it every time. If you leave Wifi area, it drops your call. I've been 3 ft from my router and it dropped my call. Kind of defeats the purpose of wifi calling...

    It's awesome idea, just doesn't work worth a crap...
  11. allmanallpimp

    allmanallpimp Well-Known Member

    I haven't tried it yet... The thing I was wondering is do you make and receive calls on your actual phone number or is a different number given in order to receive calls??? If it's your actual phone number this is kind of a cool thing for Metro as in some buildings signals can get weak...
  12. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    According to Metro's site, there is nothing new needed; just the joyn app. I don't have it yet, cause I'm still using a 3G phone (hopefully that'll change soon and I'll be gettin' the Spirit 4G).
  13. Gman9831

    Gman9831 I'm no Senior

    Its your actual phone number

    Another thing I noticed was that some people told me they had to redial for the call to go through
  14. horsecharles

    horsecharles Well-Known Member

    second the battery drainer especially...even if it was perferct n bug free the huge battery drain is a dealbreaker.

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