Anyone tried the GripGo?

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  1. CEV

    CEV Well-Known Member

    Searched the forum, and no mention of this product. Has anyone tried this? Can be seen at If you've tried it, please post your comments, good or bad. I'm seriously considering getting it. Could be the last mount I ever buy as would work with any phone and could even try my tablet with it. That's providing it actually works, I mean.

  2. CEV

    CEV Well-Known Member

    Looks like I may need to be the first to purchase this and report back. Just hard to believe that no one else has tried this yet. If I decide to try this, I'll let everyone know.
  3. OutOfPhase

    OutOfPhase Premium Member

    Thanks. I am sure the other members will appreciate that:)
  4. Zero Hunter

    Zero Hunter Well-Known Member

    This looks very interesting and looks much easier to use than the ones where you have to snap on and lock in. Might look into buying this too. And for $10?! Pretty nice price for something this unique.
  5. CEV

    CEV Well-Known Member

    Well, I went ahead and ordered it. Had to run through the usual routine of infomercial companies trying to sell you additional stuff. It is only $10, but it is $10 for two. And there is no additional option, unless you want additional BOGO sets. Then they charge you $7.95 shipping and handling, and that is per set. So my total for 2 came to $25.90. And that's fine with me, as long as it works as advertised. Now another funny part is they tried to sell me the Deluxe package, which they say states will for over 3,000 times and also comes with the lifetime guarantee. But if the non-deluxe item has a lifetime guarantee to stick, then why would you need the deluxe version!! That was $5 more, but I opted out of that.

    When it does arrive, I'll report back here with my findings.
  6. achayan

    achayan New Member

    hi CEV . any updates?
  7. CEV

    CEV Well-Known Member

    Their time to get it out the door is pretty slow. It has finally shipped, and should be here next Thursday.
  8. Chercarlop

    Chercarlop New Member

    Here is the review from
    1.0 out of 5 stars Total RIP OFF!!!! January 3, 2013
    By Donna
    First of all, when ordering my order was doubled and there was no opportunity to review my order before it was sent.
    Second, the ad states that it works with your cell phone with or without your cell phone case. I used it BOTH ways and it did NOT stay mounted with the case, even in the house! It stayed on without the case but NOT if you needed to plug your phone in to be charged while using it. I use my cell phone for GPS and it is necessary to use the cord or the GPS app drains my battery.
    Last, shippping was $31.80 for the FOUR Gripgos they sent me, which is NON refundable, so if I return them I will only get a refund of $20.00 less the Postage it cost me to mail them back!
    So they don't care if you like them or not....they made money anyway!
  9. CEV

    CEV Well-Known Member

    Sorry for not getting back to this sooner.

    Regarding the Amazon review. Yes, it is true that you cannot order just one. Plus they tack on about $7.50 for EACH one. So when all was said and done, it was roughly $28 for two of them. The ordering process is also long drawn out in that at each next screen they try to sell you something else. As long as you read everything though it is fine.

    As far as the device itself, I do like it overall. The neck on it is longer than normal so I have been experimenting on a couple of different locations. It does work though. I use a case on my GS3 and it worked as advertised. I used it on a 4 hour trip both ways over Christmas. I had the charging cable plugged into the phone as well. It did fall off once, but I just think I did not push it on well enough that one time. I first attached it to a dash mount I have and it does stick out a ways. I bumped it a couple of times pretty good and the part that attaches to the arm via a ball came off, but the mount itself was still sticking to the phone so I just snapped it back onto the ball. It does take two hands to remove the phone and you must remove it at an angle. If you try to pull it straight off, it will not.

    Any other questions, let me know.
  10. Ted Roo

    Ted Roo Active Member

    Glad you like the product after seeing that amazon review!

    You'll get a kick out of this, I'm dyslexic, and when I saw the thread title, I saw gojo.|sm|go|tm&a_aid=011&a_bid=57281d62

    I was thinking oh, my, maybe the android community is not something to belong to LOL

    I will not call any of those places, for the reason of the 3rd degree you got put through, and they all do that now days. I just wait for them to show up in the local store, which they do if they are very good. Some of those products that get the goofy ads and tack on a bunch of junk tactics are unique and good inventions. Best thing I ever got to trim my three rat/dogs claws with is a battery powered low speed dremal like thing with a guard to protect them. I probably spent $50 on conventional clippers trying to find something that wouldn't twist the claw sideways or split the claw, and then you've got sharp claws for days. This thing was like $15 and sands them smooth, rounded, and they aren't afraid, so it's no longer a battle to get them trimmed.
  11. wutwutman

    wutwutman Active Member

    I've had one of these before, but I purchased it at Wal-Mart on clearance for like $5 and I swear it was a different name. But regardless, it did work.. for a bit. It was in the middle of a hot humid summer which may have affected it, but my phone fell off multiple times. Luckily no damage to the phone. I ended up tossing the thing.
  12. hal1

    hal1 Well-Known Member

    Got the Gripgo at Walmart for less than $11.00. Seems to be working as advertised but I'm only on day 2. I have the Seidio surface case. Instructions definitely says does not work with leather or silicone cases
  13. m-cman

    m-cman Well-Known Member

    They don't mention that on the TV ads... :)
  14. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    iGrip - iGrip Universal Car Mount Solutions Overview @DayDeal_com - YouTube

    I use this car mount and love it. Never has fallen off the windshield. Very easy to use and has additional holders that you can purchase. (Without having to buy a whole new mount.) I have been using mine for over 2 years now and it was worth the money. I can have my phone charging as well. If you order one, go to the companies website to order.

    iGRIP - Holding Solutions for Cell Phones, Navigation Devices & MP3 Players
  15. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    This will probably be in a Big Lots or on clearance after a while. I'll have to pick one up if I find one.
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  16. dustwun77

    dustwun77 Endeavor to Persevere :) Guide

    Let me know if you find it there! :D
  17. cfseo

    cfseo New Member

    I saw a few reviews on this, and I have actually tried it myself:

    gripgoscams .com
    Drive Safe, Buy GripGo! | As Seen It On Tv

    The sticky part is like SUPER adhesive and works realllllly well with my phone.

    The only issue i had with it is with the part that sticks to the window, it can take a few tries to get it to hold without slipping.

    Good product overall.
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  18. Droidunited

    Droidunited Well-Known Member

    Its just sticky enough to hold up your phone, but not so sticky you cant get it off. This product is fantastic. :D
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  19. stevenw00

    stevenw00 Well-Known Member

    Anyone care to post a longer term review of the GripGo? I'm curious what your thoughts are after several months.
  20. CEV

    CEV Well-Known Member

    It's an ok product. Mine did slip off twice. You want to be sure it gets a good grip when putting it on their. They do suggest to clean it off once in awhile. I love the concept though and did find another product I like and am currently using. It is the iMagnet Mount ? Seemless magnetic mounting solution for smartphones and tablets. I don't like the name though. It does work very good with my thin Seidio case. It has never fallen off, but I do wish the magnet was a bit stronger.
  21. alanrocks

    alanrocks New Member

    Hey CEV! After searching for a secure car phone mount I came across the GripGo so I thought I would check out some reviews. I don't think I came across 1 positive review! Everyone is saying that their phone has either 'broken' because of the GripGo or the GripGo itself has broken. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there that show the GripGo in use and each review says that it didn't work for them. I tried out the Breffo Spiderpodium, and I have to say, I am extremely impressed with it!! You should check it out if you are looking for a car mount for your phone or GPS.
  22. CEV

    CEV Well-Known Member

    I quit using this some time ago. I've been using a magnet type device that has been working great. Very thing magnet that goes inside the case. However, I recently got the kickstarter project called Elemount. Haven't had a chance to try it out yet.
  23. twister6

    twister6 Guides Guide

    Clingo - Universal Mobile Device Accessories - those things used to be in every store for $15-$20 about a year ago, but it never caught on. The plastic hardware was cheap and flimsy, and they were designed for smaller lighter devices. With today's phablets and smartphones with extended batteries - you need a stronger grip, something similar to new sticky gel stuff used on Arkon or iOttie base mounts.

    I always thought in a back of my mind about an experiment of using my Arkon mobile grip 2 or slim grip ultra base mounts to use for a phone mount lol!!!
  24. CEV

    CEV Well-Known Member

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