anyone try out the razr HD before this....General

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  1. harry dunn

    harry dunn Well-Known Member

    whats up guys, i just picked up a razr HD the other day, i was coming from an iphone 4. the phone is great and it does everything i need but i dont know if i can get use to the size of it, so just wondering if anyone tried the new razr HD or maxx HD before getting the razr M?


  2. rsisley

    rsisley Well-Known Member

    A friend of mine has the RAZR Maxx and I tried it before getting the M. While I liked the increased battery life, I just couldn't get used to the size. This matter, as I normally carry the phone on my belt and wanted something smaller. So far, I really like the M.
  3. aznguyen316

    aznguyen316 Well-Known Member

    Well I didn't come from the HD, but I did come from the Galaxy S3 which is very similar.

    The S3 was an awesome phone and what is even better is that the bootloader is unlocked (I was on verizon) and so all sorts of terrific development was already available. I had it for two months before looking at the Razr M. The specs pretty much match the Razr HD minus screen size & res. The M is a fantastic looking device and the size is pretty much that of the iPhone 5. I came from a 4S before the Galaxy S3 so the S3 was a nice change, reading webpages, RSS feeds etc but yes, it was too big for me. It wasn't overly huge, but I miss having one-handed texting and operation. The M is such a clean, beautiful device and I definitely like it much more than my S3 - especially since Jelly Bean has leaked for it and it is rooted. Internal storage is not a big deal thanks to MicroSD. My apps won't take up more than 4.5GB of storage.
  4. harry dunn

    harry dunn Well-Known Member

    ya im on the fence right now if i should go back and exchange this razr HD for the razr M....this phones awesome but im def a smaller phone type of guy, maybe ill go back to the store an test out the M one more time, thanks guys

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