Anyone use chompSMS with widgetlocker?

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  1. scrattyrat

    scrattyrat Well-Known Member

    Does anyone use chompSMS with widgetlocker?

    I have it so the quickreply sms popup lights up my phone and appears on my lock screen, but after about 4 seconds the screen goes blank again so i dont always spot it.

    Is there a way to get it to stay lit up for longer? Ive looked in settings for everything i can think of and the only scrren timeout ove got is 1min but think im missing something.. I guess the best thing would be for it to stay lit with the popup on screen for 30-secs or so, but also locked so i dont reply when its in my pocket.

    i also use launcher but this is sto to not override any screen timeouts...


  2. diS

    diS Well-Known Member

    Did you check Widgetlockers settings?
    Screen Timout -> Custom Timeout
    Also check the popup settings in ChompSMS perhaps there is something you didn't spot?
  3. scrattyrat

    scrattyrat Well-Known Member

    I had widgetlocker custon timeout unchecked (with normal screen timeout set to 1min in main display settings)

    ive set it to 30secs now and still screen goes blank after about 5 secs not 30 :-(

    Chomp settings are st to 'locked screen lightup' = 1min, and 'quick reply' locked screen set to display popup for 1 min as well even when locked.

    Gonna try handcent or maybe remove widget locker. I need widgetlocker to be able to wake the phone without pressing power button - that sucks
  4. reinbeau

    reinbeau Klaatu barada nikto VIP Member

    Did you email the widgetlocker developer? He seems pretty responsive.
  5. scrattyrat

    scrattyrat Well-Known Member

    No i'll give that a go thanks :)
  6. Whiteicedmstech

    Whiteicedmstech Well-Known Member

    I had a similar problem with Chomp and Lockbot Pro. I would get a text and I had it to pop up to show the message when I received a text. After a few seconds the screen would just go black and it almost seemed like it would just hang.

    I got tired of it because it seemed like I had to reboot my phone to fix the problem each time it occurred.

    I reverted back to Handcent now.
  7. Damenc

    Damenc Active Member


    Samsung Galaxy S3 (unrooted)

    After coming from Iphone ChompSMS was a god send because I was a heavy user for BiteSMS and ChompSMS is the same guys, this is a must have app if you message a lot. I also have WidgetLocker install and also love this app but there is one annoying problem which is preventing me from using it...

    Everything works as it should when combined with these two apps with the exception of the the ChompSMS pop up incoming message panel, it doesn't work when WidgetLocker is set as the default lockscreen. When an incoming message comes, ChompSMS will wake and pop up a window showing you the message with quick reply options, this window does not work anymore, what happens is the lockscreen is unresponsive until you hit the "back" button on the S3 then swipe to unlock then the pop up window from ChompSMS appears when you're in the home screen.

    This really defeats the purpose of ChompSMS as this is their signature and best feature. Once I turn off WidgetLocker as the default lockscreen app, ChompSMS pop up window works fine but when you sleep the device it goes back to the default TouchWiz lockscreen.

    I've contacted both developers and have yet to hear a response, if anyone has faced this problem and has a solution please let me know, I've gone through both app settings with a fine tooth comb and have found no remedy.

    Too bad, both of these apps I find are ESSENTIAL to my everyday use and absolute MUST HAVES. ChompSMS wins for me for priority so WidgetLocker is currently disabled until this issue is rectified.

    Thx in advance!

  8. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Try something else, like Go SMS, Pansi SMS, or Handcent. I've tried them all along with Chomp and found Chomp to be the worst of the 4 IMO. Go and Handcent I think has even more options than Chomp.
  9. jaymf

    jaymf Well-Known Member

    I've only just started using Chomp but have noticed something like this happen a couple times where the widgetlocker screen freezes after an incoming Chomp popup. I've tried handcent and go recently and feel they're really bloated now compared to how they used to be. Pansi doesn't have many options it seems. If anyone has noticed a setting in Chomp or WL somewhere that prevents the lockup, I'd appreciate some info.

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