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  1. Heavyweightgd6

    Heavyweightgd6 Well-Known Member

    I cant get ttorrent lite and adownloader to download anything. They both act as if they are going to but everytime I start a download the percentages never move. And a funny thing i noticed with both of them is when a download starts... they say the size of the file is 0... wth?

  2. travioso

    travioso Well-Known Member

    Are you on wifi? I read that metro blocks torrents through 4g but I'm not certain.. Also, when I used atorrent with some private trackers it would not allow me to download because it was not on the list of acceptable clients.. and finally I would get that error also if my memory card was full
  3. Mexiicanboii

    Mexiicanboii Well-Known Member

    You have to be on Wifi I have torrent and on Wifi it works flawless:D
  4. Heavyweightgd6

    Heavyweightgd6 Well-Known Member

    AWWWWW Now that just sux, im never around an area to use wifi! All i wanted was an album or 2! Thanks guys... i wonder if there is a work around.
  5. Mexiicanboii

    Mexiicanboii Well-Known Member

    I know, it sucks... :(
  6. TattooedDroid

    TattooedDroid Well-Known Member

    Adownloader, and the Tor project. Download torrents on 4g :)
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  7. divagirl

    divagirl Well-Known Member

    Also tTorrent! :)

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  8. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Many times a carrier will block access to torrents for the same reason we don't approve of them here, namely open piracy. When you see a 0 file size for a torrent file the listing is there but the file has be pulled. Again, most likely for copyright violation or outright piracy.

    It's just not cool to disrespect developers and artists by taking their hard work and giving nothing back. Let's not be "that guy".

    I'm going to lock this thread since it's gone as far as it should. If you think it should be re-opened, you can make your case in a private message. I'll be more than happy to discuss it.
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