anyone want a semi broken triumph?General

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  1. sabresfan

    sabresfan Well-Known Member

    so i dropped my triumph yesterday, at first i thought there were just a few cracks on the screen but it turns out that the touch screen doesnt work for the whole top half. everything else on the phone works perfectly though. if for some reason someone wants to buy this off me they can for parts or whatever. i reallyy need money for a new phone though so i thought id give this a try. i wont be surprised when no one replies to this.

  2. PhRe4k

    PhRe4k Well-Known Member

    is it still under warranty?
  3. mllk

    mllk Active Member

    did you try calling VM? I happened to crack my screen yesterday and they are sending me a replacement as it is under warranty.
  4. phatboyslim12

    phatboyslim12 Well-Known Member

    i second this you should have till july 19th for any triumph, that was the release date for the triumph so call vm and say the touch screen stops responding thell overnight a refurb
  5. gabbieloo

    gabbieloo New Member

    I want it! how much? desperately looking for a broken one so i can send it in place of the one my exbf broke(the replacement for the new i got) and is useless because its broken in a half. After getting the new one i was supposed to send the defective one but my ex bf in a mad situation broke the replacement thinking it was the new one. now my service is cancelled and i need my phone really bad contact me by email
  6. ogfrier

    ogfrier Member

    You can't send in a phone for replacement unless its the previous one you've owned I'm pretty sure. They keep track of the serial numbers and will suspend your account.
  7. hertz35

    hertz35 New Member

    Ya my first triumph screen got blacked out so i just called VM and sent it to Motorola and they sent me a new one in a week or two.

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