Anyone with the maxx gonna get the mGeneral

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  1. ericreinhardt

    ericreinhardt Well-Known Member

    I have the razr maxx and i love it but the razr m is tempting
    Was wondering anyone with the maxx getting this one or the razr hd or maxx hd.


  2. EKhatch

    EKhatch Well-Known Member

    I am considering it depending on the full retail price. Same size screen but in a smaller package? I'm in.
  3. fegriffith

    fegriffith Well-Known Member

    I'm seriously considering it but I'm so spoiled by the Maxx battery life I don't know if I can give that up.
  4. mattywalnuts

    mattywalnuts Well-Known Member

    according to VZW...

    Razr M: 20 hours talk time, 17 days stand by

    Original Maxx: 21.5 hours talk time, 15.8 days stand by

    GNex: 12 hours talk time, 6.2 days stand by
  5. dubbsix

    dubbsix Well-Known Member

    Im definitely looking forward to getting the M. In all honesty I will most likely play with it and then sell it to get the Razr HD :p
  6. pannonius

    pannonius Member

    Oh so very tempting, and a mere 2-1/2 months since I upgraded to the Maxx :D
  7. jntdroid

    jntdroid Well-Known Member

    Where'd you get those specs? I don't think that's right...

    I can tell you from experience that, while quite solid, it still doesn't touch the Maxx's battery life.
  8. jciangiotto

    jciangiotto Member

    I pull my "M" off the charger every morning at 5:30am and when I go to bed at 11:30pm it still reads anywhere from 80 to 85% charge. Can you say AWESOME.
  9. phositadc

    phositadc Well-Known Member

    Wow. Are you in a 4g area?
  10. jciangiotto

    jciangiotto Member

    Yes...... I live in the panhandle of Florida very close to Pensacola. I must add that I am not a heavy user but what I would consider moderate.
  11. andrewzpsu

    andrewzpsu Well-Known Member

    I have the M and the Maxx. I just got the M and must say it is a MUCH better phone than the Maxx.

    -The CPU and OS are leaps above the Maxx. The phone is so smooth and frankly up to date. The circles widget is an excellent clock and is finally a worthy replacement for HTC's Sense Clock. The OS itself has a lot of things on it that just make the experience better, like the ability to add or subtract new home screens - up to 7, or the true ICS experience without the hard keys. While the Maxx may get updated to the same operating system it will just never be as smooth.

    - Battery life seems just about as good as the Maxx. I must admit I shut off 4G on both. While I'm in a 4G area, I don't see the need to use it. So I save a little more batter life that way. Definitely all day battery with both.

    - I don't have tiny hands, but the Maxx is slightly too big to use comfortably with one. I find while the screens are nearly the same size, that I'm able to one-hand the M easily.

    - The M also has NFC which means I can do payments from my phone, and send pictures by just touching phones to others that have it like my sister's Galaxy S3.

    - The cameras seem the same. Neither is great. HTC has it all over Motorola in terms of camera quality.

    -The only thing thats truly disappointing is that I can't use data and voice at the same time (like I can with my HTC Thunderbolt). I thought they would have figured this out by now, but they haven't.

    The Maxx it was a plus minus game comparing it with the Thunderbolt.... big plus on the battery which lead me to buy that instead of the HTC Rezound.

    But hands down, the RAZR M is the best phone I've ever owned.
  12. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja VIP Member

    you can use data and voice at the same time, but only in 4G area
  13. andrewzpsu

    andrewzpsu Well-Known Member

    That is true. I was referring to 3G only since I disable 4G to save battery life. Plus I don't really NEED a connection that fast all the time.

    On my Thunderbolt it can by doing voice over the 1x network and still being connected to 3g.
  14. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja VIP Member

    then unfortunately you cannot, that is the wonders of GSM technology compared to CDMA :(

    4G LTE allows for this to happen, its unfortunate that it can only be on 4G
  15. chris4x4

    chris4x4 Well-Known Member

    I have the MAXX, and am considering getting this phone. Im happy with the MAXX performance, and the only thing that has my waiting on the M is the amount of storage space. The claimed "8G" is actually 4.5 G or so.
  16. chris4x4

    chris4x4 Well-Known Member

    Welp.....I got the M today. Nice phone! Fast. Perfect size. All the features I need, and plenty of space (didnt realize apps took up such little space).

    First impressions:

    Im getting used to the home screens only going one direction. And swiping to the left gives you the settings menus. GPS aquires fast. Pictures are better than the RAZR/MAXX in low light (when using the HDR mode). Pictures are taken quick. Speed seems the same as the RAZR, but the internet surfing seems just a bit faster. Signal strength is identical to the RAZR and call quality is splendid! I'll give battery life impressions latter during the week, after a few charge/dischage cycles, and I can compare to an identical useage pattern.

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