anyway to add coby kyros mid8125 discussion thread.General

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  1. spacejayson

    spacejayson New Member

    Im not the only one in need for this certain model number either.
    All the other coby kyros moodel numbers are there except mid8125
    and i just bought my tablet so im going to have a loot of Q's about and
    dont wanna keep posting in the wrong model number thread.

  2. Dan-droid

    Dan-droid Well-Known Member

    I would find this useful as well.
  3. zking280

    zking280 New Member

    I also would find this very helpful.
  4. Zestypanda

    Zestypanda Member

    Yes, this would be greatly appreciated seeing as I have the same model and am basically being ignored by the community.
  5. JonsZX2SR

    JonsZX2SR Member

    I have a 8125 and a 1126. Does anyone know if someone has developed a 3.0UI for Android 2.3.x ??


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