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Anyway to calibrate the S-pen accuracy?Support

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  1. Gti fly

    Gti fly Well-Known Member

    I've noticed the S-pen on my phone does not point exactly to where I touch on the screen with it.

    Noticed it mostly on the Snote pad, cause that's got a grid of tiny squares (like graph paper). Always prod the wrong square. (and no it's not my eyesight!!)

    I've tried the *#1*# (or whatever) test menu, but that doesn't allow you to calibrate, but merely test various aspects of the phone, rather than alter them.

    Any tips?

  2. fabianfred

    fabianfred Active Member

    Draw along the sides and up into each corner...it will calibrate itself.
  3. Beards

    Beards Well-Known Member

    Are you Left handed by any chance?
    Be default the Note is set for Right handed use.

    Go to Settings/Pen Input/Dominant Hand and change it to either Left or Right.
  4. RocketMan007

    RocketMan007 Member

  5. Gti fly

    Gti fly Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    thanks for the tips so far.

    Yes I'm right handed, and the phone is set to right handed preference.

    I've followed the tips on that link, suggesting to reset the calibration(s)
    (horizontal sensor, and the other one, whereby you lay the phone on a level surface and press calibrate)

    I've also done the *#0*# stylus test, drawn around the edges making the boxes turn green, and completed the test a few times.

    I've noticed that when doing the test, I can't colour in the bottom 2mm of the screen. So for sure the screen isn't calibrated right no matter what I do.

    I will try and attach a pic for you to see.

    hopefully someone can suggest other ideas?

  6. Gti fly

    Gti fly Well-Known Member

    ps, that pic above is an example of what i'm talking about.

    I have actually completed the test several times correctly, by drawing straight lines along the edges and the middle cross too.

    The above pic was done with squiggly lines merely to show where the screen isn't lighting up
  7. triumvirant

    triumvirant Member

    I tried the test as left hand dominant, and got the same results (except that i was unable to color in the left-most edge). I then repeated the test with right hand dominant and received exactly the same results as you did.

    Seems like this may be by design?
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  8. RocketMan007

    RocketMan007 Member

    Here's mine.
    Looks about the same.

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  9. xxbazhxx

    xxbazhxx Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, after a little experimenting i have come to the conclusion that the s-pen was never designed to use the whole screen heres what i mean.

    open internet explorer (i use google as homepage and as its a white page its ideal for this)hold button down on s pen and touch the screen, you now have screen capture, you will find the screen capture is smaller than the whole screen, doodle on screen round edges then save, the screen capture becomes full size with all edges covered.
    open s-memo and you will see the squared memo page has a border all around which just happens to coincide with the gaps you guys are experiencing (me too when i tried through *#0*#) so i guess the note was designed this way inorder to make sure when people are using the s pen they stay within set boundries...

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  10. GiggityGiggity

    GiggityGiggity Well-Known Member

    Mine looks exactly the same as yours does.
  11. jjamain

    jjamain Member

  12. jjamain

    jjamain Member

  13. jjamain

    jjamain Member

  14. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer VIP Member

    I just tried this as I'm running Jelly Bean 4.1.2 and I get the 2mm boarder at the bottom, the same as in the examples above.
  15. Amatyi1

    Amatyi1 New Member

    There is a way you can calibrate your s pen by taking the button off (slide a pin under the button and pop it off) and adjusting it manually but you'll have to search for the site. I saw a site with instructions, but there's 2 adjustments and I can't remember which one increases the sensitivity and which one decreases it. Good luck
    Here's the Site I looked atphandroid.com/2012/12/05/how-to-adjust-s-pen/

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