Anyway to revert email program on ice cream sandwich

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  1. Juggernaut62

    Juggernaut62 Member


    I have a verizon droid bionic and I really liked the original email program that came with it.

    I am not happy with the included email program that came with the ice cream sandwich upgrade.

    Is there anyway to find out what the older email program was, and to reinstall that one instead?


  2. RyanB

    RyanB Distributor of Awesome VIP Member

    You might want to try asking that in the root subforum for your device. The people that are rooting their handsets tend to keep backups of prior versions of things, which might include the email program you want. If you don't mind me asking, and this us just to satisfy my curiosity, what changed about it that you don't like?
  3. Juggernaut62

    Juggernaut62 Member


    Ok, I will have to check in that forum.

    My issues:
    1) when I rotate the screen the cursor shoots to the top of the email instead of staying where it was before the rotation

    2) I liked the old feature having the drafted emails show up below the "new email" option. Made it very easy for me to remember to send out emails that I had started

    3) Too many of the controls were moved to the top of the screen where they are not so easy for me to use - it worked better when more of them were located on the bottom of the screen.

    4) The "reply all" option was more straight forward for me in the older version

    My main issues are with #1 which is totally annoying and a bug, and #2 which was just easier for me to use.


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