Anyway to sync a GoDaddy email account with Droid?Support

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  1. DaddyDroid

    DaddyDroid New Member

    I have my gmail account and a Comcast POP 3 account working on my Droid but would like to set up a domain email account that I use with the Droid. I am not sure what type of email format godaddy uses. Is this possible?

  2. DaddyDroid

    DaddyDroid New Member

  3. prerunnerseth

    prerunnerseth Well-Known Member

    I didnt even see that. I just found the pop and smtp settings for my account. punched them in and it worked.
  4. debibenn

    debibenn New Member

    Seriously, I have been trying to get this to work for over a week now (along with my office techie) and nothing would allow my godaddy workspace webmail account to work on my droid 2... until now! Thanks so much!!!
    It was the port #'s all along!!!
    POP ssl incoming - 995
    SMTP ssl outgoing - 465

    They work!!
  5. Carmen

    Carmen Active Member

    Is anyone able to get to their folders?? I had droid x and set it up through the corporate link and it worked just fine. Now I have the droid pro and had to use the email link but I can't get into my sub folders on email.

    Nevermind...........I was able to finally get email setup through the corporate link and now have all my folders! :D thanks anyways

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