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  1. nicolas

    nicolas Member

    Hey guys,

    Is there anyway to turn to the button screen lock off. I only want to have to hit the MENU button once to wake up the unit, then start doing a task. Right now I have to hit it twice. Once to wake it up and another to unlock it... kind of a pain. Any idea?

  2. rogue6

    rogue6 Member

    No way yet. You can double-tap it quickly and get the same result. Takes less than half a second really.
  3. onthefence

    onthefence Well-Known Member

    what really bothers me, is that the phone locks up during phone calls, so if i want to browse something, look something up, or even just adjust the volume, i have to unlock it. If you have a password protect, i would imagine it's even more annoying. If the phone is active, why does it lock up???
  4. rogue6

    rogue6 Member

    The pattern lock doesn't activate during phone calls luckily. And yeah it is a little weird to have to wake it up during/after a call. Takes some getting used to.
  5. You can still adjust the volume on the phone even while locked

    you can also stick the phone on silent and shut it down while locked.

    Its annoying the hell out of me having to unlock it constantly, I hope sumone smart can come up with a fix
  6. nicolas

    nicolas Member

    I agree. I find it really cumbersome and annoying to have to keep unlocking the phone. I want to be able to have quick easy access to everything without having a wonky inbetween lock process to get to it every time.
  7. drustvold

    drustvold Well-Known Member

    This is excessavily annoying when your on a service line where its asking your to "press 2 for ____". And you have to unlock the phone each time you have to press a key.

    I get that you cant have the screen active when it might be touching your face but to go into full lock down its annoying. I'd be ok with a "soft lock" where you could just hit the menu button to bring the phone back to active during a call.
  8. nicolas

    nicolas Member

    Exactly! This has happened to me numerous times today as a matter of fact. I had to work with a number of automated services and it was a massive hassle going back and forth between the numbers and the phone. Cmon google!

  9. Shel

    Shel Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the iPhone has a sensor, so that when you move the iPhone away from your face, during a call, the screen comes back to life automatically.

    We got a compass, they got a "face sensor"...

    oh, well.....

    Some smart developer should be able to duplicate the iPhones' feature...

    Have the software become aware, when users are on a call. Have the software use the accelerometer so that when the phone is turned horizontal, the screen automatically comes back on!

    I know there's a program which will silence your phone, if you turn it "face down"... now we just need a program which will turn the display back on if, during a call, you turn the phone "face up"...

    Sounds doable... any developers up to the challenge?
  10. ralber

    ralber Member

    I second that encouragement for someone to develop an app that will turn the phone back on when it moves 45 degrees off vertical. I'd pay for that app in a minute!

    Better yet, how about replacing the dialer screen with a screen containing one small button that restores whatever was up there before (dial pad or call log). I can train myself not to press my ear against a small onscreen button if I knew it was always there in the same position.

    Or maybe the screen goes blank and gets restored when it's tilted 45 degrees down or shaken slightly.

    -------- Rick
  11. HTC

    HTC Well-Known Member

    lol the thing is.. the iphone sometimes messes up with the "face" sensor... and i have to give it a shake to wake it up so i can press stuff. x] small little nuisance i remember.
  12. DarkTLRrider

    DarkTLRrider Well-Known Member

    Easy with that Id pay for an app in a minute stuff. That is a core phone function. I don't have a problem paying for a program that lets say allows me to add my Quicken to my phone. Or a really cool game but when it comes to core functions that annoy everyone that own a G1 we should be pressing for it to be included in a future update as a free service. We bought into the hype for this phone now the developers should listen to what the people want and make the phone adapt and become better over time. If it were a small group that wanted a specific function cool, but this is different. If we as a community have to pay for this and that we would have $300 in software just to make the phone function the way that really it should have from the factory. Just my .02.
  13. jordan_old

    jordan_old New Member

    Biggest problem with this idea, and something that has been a huge thorn in my side, is that the accelerometers all seem to turn off as soon as the phone is locked...i can't get anyone from google to confirm this (i've posted to the mailing list), but I've done fairly extensive testing, and this seems to be the case...display goes off, so do accelerometers...silly, if you ask me.
  14. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Well-Known Member

    The accelerometer idea won't work either. Why? Not everyone stands up, or is seated perfectly perpendicular to the ground when they're on the phone. People do lean over, every which way, when they're on the phone. hell, I've laid on my phone, or balanced it on my head when I've been tired of holding it on a long call.

    I do have a good suggestion, perhaps the face lock should only be utilized when no headset(bluetooth or wired) is attached. They should also allow us to change the timeout, because really, it's not so much that you have to wake it up when you're in a system needing input, it's that it goes back to sleep after like 5 seconds. I've gotten where I just keep my finger on some unnecessary portion of the screen, or I hold onto the drawer pull at the bottom to make sure it doesn't go back to sleep on me.
  15. jreed3786

    jreed3786 New Member

    Look up the G1 app in the market called, "Shake Awake". It'll wake the phone up once you move it from your ear to the viewing angle you want. You can even adjust the sensitivity, but it's great as-is. It won't wake the phone up outside of a call, but in a call, it'll sure work so you can enter the keys as you wish. ENJOY!!!:D
  16. Matth3w

    Matth3w Active Member

  17. MountainX

    MountainX Well-Known Member

    Check out Screebl. The dev implemented the inverse of what you said, but it delivers essentially the same end result.
  18. MaxnSammy

    MaxnSammy Member

    Try downloading "ScreenModeWidget". It's free & works well.
  19. Sweed

    Sweed Well-Known Member

    screebl has been the best solution for me.
    I reset my phone a while ago and realized just how much of a difference having it made.
  20. Eric the Grey

    Eric the Grey Member

    Thanks for that. I've been playing around with the trial version for a few moments, and I really like it. Haven't used it during a phone call yet, but I need to call Comcast today, so I'll have a chance to put it to the test...

    :cool: Eric the Grey
  21. planetj

    planetj Member

    Personally I use GOTO Lockscreen.

    The original lockscreen sometimes pops up for half a second, before GOTO comes on... To solve that (and the answer to your question) I use Battery Indicator Pro from market... It has a function to completely disable the original lockscreen.

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