Anyways to install / copy installation to SD card rather than using phone memory ???Support

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  1. bubudog

    bubudog New Member

    Hi Folks,

    Is there a way to install apps on SD memory rather than using phone Mem. Also can we copy existing installations off the phone memory to SD card if we wanted to operate them from that location ?? I heard these can't be done in Andr 2.1, is that true ?


  2. leedeepak

    leedeepak New Member

    yes, u can't copy or install apps in the sd card cause its not possible in android 2.1 (Eclairs)
  3. srinath29

    srinath29 Member

    Install link2sd software..available in android market, read the instructionswhile you download it(by selecting "more")
  4. rithish

    rithish Member

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