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AOSenseP Hybrid ROM

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  1. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

    ******You must download and install both zips*******
    ******You must follow the procedure outlined below******
    ******I strongly suggest restoring using the ph44img in hboot prior to installing this ROM
    ******Follow that by installing Evil Kingdom v3 and ensure everything is working on it. This will help me troubleshoot any problems you may have.

    I have put together a ROM which started life as Apache Thunder's EvilKingdom v3. I have tested it on my Boost Design 4g

    It now features a stock vanilla ICS status bar, settings menu, USB connection screen, MMS, keyboard, calendar, calculator, e-mail, music, browser ui sounds and live wallpapers.

    Htc Album, camera, contacts and phone

    Includes Holo Launcher, ES explorer, Maps, Music Box (Free music down loader no longer available on the Play Store), Ringdroid and Wi-Fi tether

    There may be an issue with picture message in which case you can revert back to the Htc app.

    There are no other known issues. EVERYTHING else works perfectly, after all we did buy this phone for the features it has. I am using this ROM as my daily driver and as my primary business line. There footprint is no lag and there is minimal Htc Sense footprint remaining.The total size is 211 Mb...Slim and very functional.

    I am running the 2fastroms v4 kernel and also included is his Power Menu. Other files were jacked other forums and I didn't bother keeping track so I apologize in advance to those it may have been. Please message me or verbally abuse me in the thread and I will make sure I credit those people.

    I have limited experience putting together ROMS so this one is broken down into two separate zips. If anyone can put it together I would really appreciate the help and the knowledge to do so.
    DO NOT SKIP ANY STEPS. Complete in this exact order.,...

    Boot into recovery
    Do a Nandroid backup
    Wipe data, factory reset,
    Format Data, System and Cache
    Install kingdom.zip then reboot (allow system to fully load for a couple of minutes)
    Then reboot into recovery, wipe dalvik, wipe cache
    Flash gapps.sysui.zip
    stock kernel is included. All of 2fast's ICS kernels are compatible.
    I am running an addition .5 volts below the preloaded voltages on the v4 kernel with Quadrant scores consistently above 2500. This is with the conservative governor set for the minimum clock up to 1.7, up threshhold at 50 and down at 30 and getting better than stock battery life.

    You will need to download the 4g Evo toggle from the play store.



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  2. guyphs

    guyphs Well-Known Member

    Looks amazing! Do you have a stock ICS lockscreen, or is it the sense one?
  3. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

    It is the stock ICS which comes already on the phone. The Sense overlay has been removed.
  4. guyphs

    guyphs Well-Known Member

    Awesome! I'll give this a shot.
  5. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

    Please report any issues and if you have them, a possible fix. I would recommend not deleting any of the other HTC files as I have tried most of them and something ends up breaking.

    Aside from the core phone and contacts apk's none are of significant size nor using up any resources. The Sense UI now uses about 4.5 mb of RAM in a background process which if stopped causes errors but not a total crash and at 4.5 Mb not worth the headaches of trying to stop it.

    Build.prop may need some editing for the USB connection....mass_storage OR mtp.....and adb
  6. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

    I had installed an app called ICS Dialer and was able to freeze HtcContacts with no ill effects. I have since deleted ICS Dialer and unfroze HTC Contacts since I personally prefer the HTC features in this area
  7. guyphs

    guyphs Well-Known Member

    Does abd and usb mounting on it work though? And I'm guessing that means that the sense dialer is still being used?

    Oh why the hell am I asking these things, I'm about to load it up anyway haha. I'll report back with anything I find.
  8. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

    adb works regardless ...I believe I have the build.prop set to mass_storage unless I made the change after I started the upload.... I have the following setting....


    when I made that edit in ROM toolbox (lite version is free) my laptop immediately recognized the phone as a storage device

    Like I said above, follow the order exactly...I tried installing both zips without rebooting in between and it was a no go
  9. Travisholt92

    Travisholt92 Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much for the work you've done here, I'm giving it a try as we speak, however. Could you possibly tell me where i could get that app for the ICS dialer and contacts? i would be overly happy if you could
  10. doubledragon5

    doubledragon5 Well-Known Member

    Does 4g and Bluetooth work..
  11. Travisholt92

    Travisholt92 Well-Known Member

    0 bars of signal, before install, 5 bars of 3g, i'll pass
  12. doubledragon5

    doubledragon5 Well-Known Member

    Just installed, looks promising, but not set up for sprint.. You can't even change setting in the epst menue even when you choose edit, and enter code.. Looks nice, but will go back to 2fast rom, unless you can set it up to run on all carriers... Also can't update,profile, or prl for sprint..
  13. Travisholt92

    Travisholt92 Well-Known Member

    you need to install the other .zip linked as the instructions say.
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  14. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

    Travis....I have no signal issues at all and nothing was changed that would cause any. If you are connected to a 4G network it will not show that in the status bar nor on the phone info screen. It will however show on the 4g Evo widget you can download as well as on the Quadrant system info screen. I had a problem last week with my data profile on a stock ROM and had to reload the factory image to fix my phone...the ph44 image...

    The only ROM I have been on since is Evil Kingdom and now this one. I can assure you there are no signal problems. What ROM were you running before this one? When I get home I will switch to it and then flash to this and get back to you.

    Anyone else trying this, you need both zips. I show more downloads of the kingdom zip than the gapps.sysui.zip....and you need to fully reboot and complete the other steps in the OP. This ROM will not work otherwise.
  15. guyphs

    guyphs Well-Known Member

    My data was turned off after installing. Just had to turn it on in the menu.
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  16. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

    If you have no status bar you did not follow the directions. If you have the htc status bar you need to install the second zip.

    If you don't understand or need assistance, PM me and I will get back to you.
  17. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

    Guyphs....which network are you on? Thanks for the info too...I forgot to mention that everything is off by default....How is overall performance
    Which ROM did you switch from?
  18. doubledragon5

    doubledragon5 Well-Known Member

    I did that, it still is not set for sprint...
  19. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

    What exactly is not working?
    What ROM were you on before?
    Be a little more detailed
  20. Farru503

    Farru503 Well-Known Member

    i have problems installing apps and upgrading the market to playstore....my phone is evo design from boost....
  21. doubledragon5

    doubledragon5 Well-Known Member

    This one right here.

    With sprint you must be able to update your prl, and profile, when after you first istall the rom.. You are aslo not able to update the mms or apn with this rom. Is this based on Boost? If so you can't update shit with it as it is preconfigured.. This rom is vary fast, but useless unless certain things can be accomplished.. The problem I find with most who want to develop roms for this phone (with the exception of 2fast and his team) most do not want to take the time to make it work for all carriers. They just throw shit out there and hope people will like it..
  22. Lizzord30

    Lizzord30 Well-Known Member

    .5 volts? at what Mhz? maybe you mean 50mv? Because .5V is 500mv I was able to get 200mv at 245mhz but not even close to 500mv, and could only get about 150mv less at 768mhz. I didnt really try to reduce the higher ones.
  23. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

    Should read .05...Thank you
  24. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

    It says in the OP what ROM it is based on and what phone. I have my ##3282# working and can change any setting as well.You still haven't said if you have DATA problems, phone problems or what. This ROM has nothing in it that will change your DATA profile. I will see if I can figure out a way to port the multi-carrier install so until then restore your nandroid backup.

    I threw it out there because I liked it. If you don't then go into cwm and select 'restore'.
  25. Travisholt92

    Travisholt92 Well-Known Member

    im currently using your Sysui and settings apk along with your status/notification bar on xFuZiionZz and it works gloriously, 0 issues. working MMS for all networks, and working Mass storage. I could upload 1 single .zip for you if you'd like.

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