AOSenseP2beta--Updated 10/26/12--mini-update

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  1. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

    Update 2.2--Animation fixes--simple and very smooth - 5.42 MB
    To be flashed after flashing full ROM below

    fixed some faded black backgrounds and added some framework animations

    Latest Complete ROM
    File Download--- - 177.68 MB

    All credit for the UI and menu fixes goes to legmando33.
    Also would like to thank Travisholt92 for the support he has provided with issues that have come up as well.

    For WiFi tethering use the following settings....

    Device Profile-Generic ICS/JB (wlan0)
    WiFi driver reload---checked
    Mss clamping--checked
    Routing fix--checked

    This is how to have fully working mms...

    Ensure you are on a ROM either stock or Fusion and your mms is working.
    Do a titanium backup of 'dialer storage ' app and data
    Install this rom
    Restore app and data for 'dialer storage


    Latest Complete ROM download - 177.68 MB

    Changes since the last full release...

    All Htc apps have been removed without breaking anything else. file debloated to 1.4 mb
    most system backgrounds are now solid black...looks sharp and saves battery.
    zip aligned and batch optimized....recompiled apps and framework files cleaning up all the crap not needed.

    Please don't ask when this or that will work or tell me that you like the htc app better. If you do then return to stock or find a way to put it back in yourself. If you want any Htc app then this ROM isn't for you.

    A word about signal strength....

    There is nothing changed in this ROM or any other ROM for this phone that will affect your actual signal strength. The number of bars may be different but not your actual signal strength. I can also assure you that my wimax and my wi-fi are working just fine on 2-fast's v4 kernel. Your results may vary but if you don't like your signal quality on this ROM or any other, return to stock.

    If you want USB storage to work push the following SystemUI.apk to your phone but you will loose the transparent status bar. Had them both working together but that was on the old laptop now sitting in my trashcan.
    SystemUI.apk - 1,000.49 KB

    If you can't resist the urge to press your power button while a call is coming in or deal with other minor annoyances, flash a stock ROM.

    To have working MMS you need to have a titanium backup of dialer storage from when you had working mms and restore it after flashing this ROM.

    - Working Data including 4G
    - Working GPS and Bluetooth
    - Working Wi-fi and tethering (with WiFi Tether market app)
    - Working front (vga) and rear cameras

    This ROM is based on the latest update from Boost Mobile and from there was completely debloated. Don't get me wrong...anytime I have restored my phone to the factory image I like the fancy Htc toys and after about 10 minutes of dealing with the lag I am quickly over it.

    This ROM features the following....

    AOSP settings and status bar
    AOSP browser, calculator,calendar
    AOSP Mms, contacts, dialer and call screen
    AOSP lockscreen with caller ID on the lockscreen
    Inverted Google apps (Play Store, Email, Music, Voice and Talk, Google NOW)
    Awesome Beats
    Visual Voicemail app
    Google Maps
    Titanium Backup (free edition)
    Torch (flashlight)
    Super User

    This has has look and feel of AOSP with more changes coming soon. Over 500 Mb of system storage and 1 gb of data storage available on first boot. More room for what you want, not what Htc thinks you need.

    other Known Issues
    -No ESPT or OTA programming so you would either need to restore to your stock backup or do it on a computer
    -minor bug in languages menu that closes settings after you change the language setting

    The installation of this ROM will wipe your Data, System and Cache . Backup anything you want to keep to your SD card. Here are the install instructions.

    -Backup anything you want to keep
    -Backup your current ROM
    -Reboot into CWM recovery
    -Wipe Data factory reset
    -Install zip from SD
    - Check to make sure everything works before flashing a new kernel

    Any issues, please do not PM me. Report it here in the forum so we can help each other out. Be thorough when describing what is wrong and include your logcat info. If you don't know how to use logcat i suggest you keep your phone stock.

    This ROM was put together by porting various parts from other devices, incorporating AOSP and Google apps from various sources and eliminating as much HTC footprint as possible.

    The reason behind this ROM is to get something happening in this forum. I don't have much experience with this kind of stuff but Google has been my friend.

    Credit for the various parts of this ROM go to the following:

    -travp624 at RootzWiki for the Inverted G Apps
    -ShnizlonV for the AOSP ICS installer which helped get the HtcContacts out and the AOSP in by me flashing a bunch of crap on top of other crap and getting lucky ( Couldn't duplicate)
    -JayDogg and Apache Thunder for their installers during testing and the bases for the initial version)
    -2fast for the AdvancedPM, the xFuZiiOnZz base and all the work he has done on this phone to get it where it is today
    -wajeeh at Rootswiki for the sms popup and stock keyboard
    -Downthemachine for the mms fix
    -Everyone who said it couldn't be done
    -and me for trying anyways
    -Anyone I forgot , PM me and I will include you in the OP

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    DBHALL Active Member

    I'll be glad to test for boost. Pm me w/links. I'll do it using 2fast's v4 and v5 kernels, all of this is pending you're interested :p
  3. Lizzord30

    Lizzord30 Well-Known Member

    PM me and I will also test it for you!
  4. 70ne8

    70ne8 Member

    Ill test boost.
  5. Rally 517

    Rally 517 Well-Known Member

    Send me a link
  6. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

    Links for boost users are going out now. Us cell is still uploading...Please follow the instructions below so we can eliminate mistakes here.

    Thank you
  7. lee46582

    lee46582 New Member

    did you got my pm from earlier today?anyway i will try out Us cell for you.thanks
  8. themaninblk

    themaninblk Well-Known Member

    Im on boost, ill test. I have testing experiance from the warp roms.
  9. jorgkrkmo

    jorgkrkmo Member

    i will test boost ;)
  10. patsfann

    patsfann Well-Known Member

    absolutely be glad 2 test !
  11. ddubhotness

    ddubhotness Well-Known Member

    I'll test for boost
  12. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

    I have enough boost testers...updates to follow
  13. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

  14. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

    I should have the sprint and US Cell zips up tomorrow.
  15. jjhelpteam

    jjhelpteam Well-Known Member

    Can I still get the files? I just wanna have JB as your other rom failed on my evo
  16. Rally 517

    Rally 517 Well-Known Member

    Don't think this is jellybean
  17. jorgkrkmo

    jorgkrkmo Member

    Unfortunately , settings has stoped .
  18. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

    This is not jellybean...It is ICS 4.0.3, latest OTA 1.11 from Boost. I already sent you a link. If you have any other questions PM me or one of the other testers in this thread. Thank you
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  19. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

    walk me through your installation in detail please
  20. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

    I took the instructions down for obvious reasons. If you need them PM me...

    The reason being I want to get an honest answer on what steps were made during installation and not have the posted instructions recited back to me. Not trying to be an ass but I need reliable feedback and I've already done any possible installation error intentionally when putting this together so I know if that happens here.
  21. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

  22. jorgkrkmo

    jorgkrkmo Member

    i do exactly the instructions , when i go to setting --> language & input , there stop ...
  23. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

    Tell me exactly what you did during installation from when you first booted into recovery....I need this info to help

    are the other settings working? is it just languages? will it let you switch and then it force closes or does it close right away?
  24. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

    There appears to be an issue with the language option but I am able to change languages and then it closes. It may be a framework file related issue...I just need to know if everything else is okay. Text me if you want. I sent out my number already
  25. jorgkrkmo

    jorgkrkmo Member

    i come from xFuZiionZz , reboot i do --> wipe data/factory reset , then mount --> data/cache/sytem - format , then install zip --> . reboot , then i turn on wifi data in reboot , wipe cache --. advanced --> wipe Dalvik Cache --> install zip --> , then reboot after that , i go to settings for sounds , brightness , but in language & input stop , in go back to home screen .
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