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AP mobile using TONS of data !NOT BEING USED!Support

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  1. Spbeyond

    Spbeyond Well-Known Member

    I was wondering why I was blowing though tons of my data so I installed "my data manager" and it shows thew AP mobile widget is using crazy amounts of data basically constantly. I used to have it on my home screen but have since deleted it (It was deleted before I noticed the data issue) It is still using a crap load of data. Its so far responsible for over 500 mb since I started using my data manager. I cannot figure out how to stop it forever, and Im about to go over my data plan. Anyone have any ideas?

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  2. SGS2

    SGS2 Well-Known Member

    same thing for yahoo finance.

    it runs 24/7, and restarts after force closing.

    same thing with all the many bluetooth apps when bluetooth is off.

    same thing with nfc service, which is NOT even available yet (to use your phone to pay at a cash register via scanning your phone's rfid (radio frequency identification) which is outputs your atm or credit card information. i hate this unsecure app with a passion and will never use it.

    same thing for buddies now. never used it, never will.

    google maps does it when i am not even using google maps, and many others. even when i force close google maps, it comes alive again.

    the at&t logic, and other phone carriers as well, logic which i hate, is ap mobile and yahoo finance, etc., etc. run EVEN WHEN NOT INSTALLED OR BEING USED because of what? what else, money and data mining. at&t did not invent this. sprit does it, t-mobile does it, google apps do it, etc., etc.

    ap mobile and yahoo finance paid at&t to add their bloat. carriers do not make an app force installed for free. the developer pays the carrier to force install their app. and therefore, to get valuable market research, running apps, either running actively or passively, run 24/7/365, data mine, spy and so on. don't believe me? look at the insane spy permissions of every bloat app, crap app, and/or any game app you have now.

    the most severe and invasive spy permissions are on those "free apps", that sell your profile information and demographics, spy on your internet surfing, your internet bookmarks, market research your other apps you have already installed, etc., etc., etc., etc. come on - why would a developer offer something for free? do you work for free? honestly, is anything in life free?
  3. Spbeyond

    Spbeyond Well-Known Member

    This is a glitch. My AP mobile ap (even though it isn't even in use) is using about 75 mb a day. AT LEAST. Its used half my data this month. A little data mining will not use a GIG a month of data.
  4. SGS2

    SGS2 Well-Known Member

    point taken.

    ok, well it must be somehow a defective app with some wrong code/programming. i would return it for a new one before 30 days goes by so you get a new phone.
  5. 78Staff

    78Staff Member

    Known issue - AT&T Blames Samsung, Samsung Blames AT&T...

    Regardless, two known fixes at this point, (assuming you do not want to use the app)...

    #1, root the phone and delete/freeze the app. This is what I ended up doing after trying #2 below.

    #2 (Varying success) Factory reset the phone (backup first,use MyBackup 30 Trial if you don't have backup app - and then and do not open the widget. Do not interact with the widget. Do not force close or clear data from the app. Just don't touch that sucker. Using this method, I had no data xfer from APM for 24 hours. Then, I did a FC and CD on the app, which apparently woke it up, and it starting hitting data again. :mad:

    #2a - As a workaround, or if you actually want to use the app, you can try this also...
    * Add the widget and set the refresh interval to 3 hours, then remove the widget.
    * Re-add widget and set refresh to 'none,' then remove it again.
    It will still pull data, oddly enough, but not near as much as before.

    Honestly, it's was easier to just root and freeze it with TB.
  6. 4tide1

    4tide1 New Member

    pardon my ignorance but on point number 2 above you mentioned you did an FC and CD on the app after you did a factory reset. What is FC and CD. Also if i where to buy this phone and never touched AP Mobile will I have data usage?
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  7. SGS2

    SGS2 Well-Known Member

    please look at its permissions.

    it IS data mining, spying, looking at your other apps you have, your location via gps/fine, or network location, your web surfing, your web bookmarks if you have any, your phone number, your imei and imsi (phone and sim card serial numbers), etc.

    ap mobile has only 4 permissions, google maps has 14, and the gallery has 11. ap mobile actually has only a few permissions. check out google and at&t apps, facebook, etc., and you will be shocked and amazed.

    google maps, Gmail, etc., when not in use, also come alive every time after i force close them when not in use (i also delete all data on it). so does buddies now, and most all google and at&t forced apps.

    please look at the permissions on each app. supposedly free game apps are even worse - nothing is free in life, and the permissions list what they get from you, and yes, what the sell from your demographic profile they build. nothing in life is free when a developer offers a "free app".

    ap mobile PAID at&t, as other app developers also pay other carriers to be forced installed, to data mine and spy, period.

    yahoo finance does the same thing. it always starts up even when i delete its data and force close it. i don't own any stocks i have never loaded or activated yahoo finance, but it comes alive, spying 24/7/365.
  8. Jellz

    Jellz Well-Known Member

    At this point, I've seen so many threads about AP Mobile, what is it supposed to do besides use up a lot of data, what's the purpose?
  9. 78Staff

    78Staff Member

    Sorry, FC = Force Close, CD = Clear Data.

    No data pulled after factory reset for about 24 hours, but after I force closed/cleared data then at some point it re-started pulling data again. After that I just said the heck with it and rooted, which I was gonna do anyway.

    Reports vary - some say the never opened the widget and never see any data, others reporting they never opened but do see it pulling data. Just grab the Data Manager App and check it for a few days...
  10. kronie

    kronie Well-Known Member

    I never opened it and to date, no data usage. It sort of annoys me that these bloatware applications can only be removed by rooting. I understand that some apps will use data no matter what but I would like to be able to remove what I want OR do a factory reset and just get the bare OS without the crap.
  11. safetrip

    safetrip New Member

    Just reset the phone. That got rid of it for me and hasn't showed up yet. Knock on woods. I think it doesn't start until you tab on it- people may have done it inadvertently. Once you start, it's a train wreck. You cannot stop it.

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