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  1. ddubhotness

    ddubhotness Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone i'm new here but not a noob....somewhat....it wont be like talking to a little kid,and you wont feel like a broken record(repeating)should you decide to help me.Now i know there are plenty of threads with links that are very helpful for the most part,and even found one detailing the process word for word,but for dummies and it made so much more sense after reading everything ive read unfortunately i cant win. I have succeeded in unlocking my bootloader after spending nearly 3 hours on the it the first time and givng up,i came back a month later and got it done in what i like to consider 10 mins considering the process i had to go through to get the htcdev website to work,in the end i did it on my friends computer.

    Now the first thing i tried was the "no cwm needed" option then i proceeded to to the clockwork version until 1 of the links was removed due to gpl violation.I've found all the recent tools and downloads necessary to complete the evo design 4g a.k.a kingdom root process for nearly every method available but cant achieve root either way.Last but not least i have come to assume that an ota update has come since the time of threads posting on this subject considering that everything seems to be obsolete in my case,anyway and have come to believe they have patched something that wouldve otherwise allowed the phone to read certain data and even though i unlocked my bootloader somethings preventing the phone from accessing the appropiate files there leading lack of understanding.

    I.e. 'parsing' when i get to the parsing stage on 1 of my failed attempts it just stays parsing image and stays there until the end of time i wish i didnt unlock my bootloader for no reason please give me a reason to stay away from the the dreaded apple products that im not to big a fan of

    thank you for taking the time read this any useful or helpful information would be much appreciated

    if any other info is needed to determine something such as firmware and build number and stuff like that let me know to put it up as to avoid cluttering this thread with useless info

    thank you,

  2. Travisholt92

    Travisholt92 Well-Known Member

    why'd you post it twice... knowingly posted it twice at that
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  3. ddubhotness

    ddubhotness Well-Known Member

    i didnt mean to lol i saw that and and am now looking for a way to delete it as we speak apologies and thanx for noticing :eek:

    you think you can like remove it for me :eek:
  4. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Mods do deletes for you, I've taken care of the oops thread.

    To get our help on that, use the report button to the left of the post in question.

    Anyone can make a report about a duplicate - see what I did there? ;)

    Any questions, drop me a line, let's move forward. :)
  5. ddubhotness

    ddubhotness Well-Known Member

    thank you for that i really appreciate it i was hoping something like that would happen.As i stumbled upon a new dropdown box to the upper right corner i ended up getting to something that said find all post by 'ddubhotness' my username.As i was looking in how to delete it myself and came across this helpful tidbit....umm would you happen to be familiar with the evo design 4g a.k.a kingdom on boost mobile and its rooting process? I want to post another thread showing all my numbers such as mainver otherwise known as my firmware build numbers and updated numbers as well any ota updates i might come across,but i want to avoid cluttering USEFUL space with USELESS space takers so please let me know what to do.I am currently awaiting reply from someone who offered to help and cant wait to restart the process over again for like the 4th time

    thank you again

    and thank you travis for noticing that :D
  6. JB3783

    JB3783 Active Member

    If you're suffering the same problem I was I can do one of 2 things.
    1) I can upload the ROM that I edited.
    2) I can walk you through the process required to fix this problem.
    If you choose #2 you need Notepad++
    and WinRAR
  7. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    If you can't find a good thread to ask your rooting questions in, go ahead and start one.

    We care more about people getting going than too many threads.

    If a good one does too exist after all, someone can report it for us, and we'll merge the two, no big deal. :)
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  8. ddubhotness

    ddubhotness Well-Known Member

    Does step 2 involve altering the mainver? And step one sounds pretty promising and I wouldn't mind your help if you have the time

    I believe I have winrar and notepad

    And I wouldn't mind trying your Rom but o can't even get cwm installed correctly

    Thanx I really like how kind everyone is and considering I'm new here I dont want to upset anyone with useless noob post and if any should arise from me I ask that it gets dealt with immediately thank you so much for your time and patience
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  9. JB3783

    JB3783 Active Member

    I have the time to help people who are new(like me).
    I had to learn all this stuff the hard way :S, and yes it involves editing the version number in the included rom but you have to be very specific about how you do it. But let's get the first part out of the way, Installing CWM.

    Try to flash the version of CWM that I edited Here :)
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  10. ddubhotness

    ddubhotness Well-Known Member

    Ok thank you I just downloaded the file but I have to wait for my phone to get some more juice I'm at 34% right now but I will flash it as soon as I get to at least 50% just to be safe and I really appreciate it ill get back to u as soon or just before I do it stay tuned :)

    Update thank you so much when I flashed cwm from hboot everything went smooth now I have to continue the process ill let u know

    update2:i dont know what you did but that file worked like a charm...i just downloaded a rom from 2fast4u88 (who i wish i knew how to tag to avoid any problems)and it worked perfectly im running it right now to test it out but i cant thank you enough for all your help im rooted and have cwm thank you thank you thank you
  11. JB3783

    JB3783 Active Member

    I'm here to help :D
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  12. ddubhotness

    ddubhotness Well-Known Member

    You wouldn't happen to know of any decent roms for it would you I downloaded 2fast fusion Rom and am currently enjoying it but would like to give a couple of different ones a shot in the near future
  13. JB3783

    JB3783 Active Member

    I would definitely Recommend 2Fast4U88's CMX rom. It is Jelly bean and I was going to test different ROMS on this device but jelly bean has quenched my thirst :)
    There is also aSpeed ROM which can Overclock your phones processor. I like the JB rom because it gets rid of that NASTY HTC Sense UI, which hogs the systems precious resources. I want to get into ROM development so I can make ones like 2Fast4u88, He's amazing.
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  14. ddubhotness

    ddubhotness Well-Known Member

    I would like give all necessary credit to the ones who deserve such as 2fast for his fuzion Rom and all his hard work and you for sticking by me and altering that can ....lifesaver....I wish I could help but I can't seeing as I'm not that experienced in developing the most I'd b able to do is test out roms for u

    I wish you the best of luck on your wants and maybe we can get together and work on some projects and fix bugs and stuff like what you did with the cwm...its absolutely stunning and I'm happy it worked the only way this phone will get love is if we give it so let's do it
  15. 2fast4u88

    2fast4u88 Well-Known Member

    The cwm issue, I have posted how to fix it more then a few times now. Though if I knew the latest versions of firmware for boost and sprint, you guys wouldn't have to do it. Also sense ui doesn't for say hog resources. It comes down to all the jazz sense has in it is where the issues come from. Cm10, evervolv or even aosp is basically bare bones. Sense is a custom firmware over top/built in with aosp. When you look at the animations, or any aspect in the ui of sense. It is why it is a little bit slower, as sense adds all forums of different images that need to be rendered.

    I will say sense gingerbread is a good bit faster then ics sense. Ics sense is just full of issues that cause the lagging. Neither is really a hog of anything though, and I also wouldn't put it down in comparison to aosp. Sense is more elegant and rich looking where aosp is just well plain. Sense also packs more features then aosp based.
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  16. ddubhotness

    ddubhotness Well-Known Member

    sorry couldnt find it but got to the bottom of it somewhat still overlooking this file that was edited by jb783 that worked like a charm as for the gingerbread i will give it a shot in the future...am using your fusin rom with the fastkernel v5 but i cant overclock it for to much to long as it substantially overheats my battery to about 126.3 degrees farenheit (forgive me if i spelled it wrong) and then forces a reboot or takes to long to shut off while continuously getting hot let me know what i can do in the future to correct this or help you in any way thank you
  17. 2fast4u88

    2fast4u88 Well-Known Member

    How high are you overclocking and what governor? I run 1.8ghz on smartass and never a issue. Even charging in direct 100degree day sunlight. Where the phone is so hot you can barely touch it. It never reboots.

    I also never pay attention to battery temp as it doesn't have didly to do with the phone. If overclocked, charging and the screen on internal temps will be greater increasing the temp. How ever running overclocked not charging should be perfectly fine. Using gps i would use a governor that doesn't scale to the max clock under load like ondemand. Try smartassv2 or similar. When gaming which I don't do much of you may need to lower the clock but doubt it.

    Also keep in mind that your are probably rebooting due to unstable clock/voltage. If voltage is unstable or clock it can spike temps as well. Another thing I need to check my temps on my new hero but I don't believe 50c is all that hot. As that is only a 122 degrees, where a 100 degree day using the phone just normal would put it to that temp. 130-135+ I would watch what I was doing. I will say my phone is always cool or was any way. I also don't think 50c is the shut down temp but more around 60-70. 50c may cause throttling though but never encountered it.
  18. ddubhotness

    ddubhotness Well-Known Member

    Youre right I just had to choose the right gov I use smartassv2 as well and maintain 1708 over1401 for daily use and Its good now it gets hot but thats the most that happens now thank you bro I really appreciate it

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