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apad and zenithink support sites.Tips

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  1. pcSirk

    pcSirk Member

  2. JamesDroid

    JamesDroid Active Member

    I like slatedroid.com and apad.tv
  3. JamesDroid

    JamesDroid Active Member

    Totally empty site that first one you posted. Not sure if it will ever have users considering there are so many established busy sites offering a lot more.
  4. lisalevins_01

    lisalevins_01 New Member

  5. harcharanjit

    harcharanjit New Member

    to update latest firmware on zenithink c91 upgrade,,is it better to use TF CARD or SD CARD???? harcharATmalaysiaairlines.com
  6. Eric618

    Eric618 Well-Known Member

    Slatedroid is a great place for Zenithink info! It's where I got my current ROM, which is worlds better than stock.

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