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  1. unofficialitguy

    unofficialitguy Active Member

    Hey all,

    So It's been almost a month since I switch to the Android platform and have loved every minute of it. Really sparked my interest and wanted to give back what I could to the community. So, I had been posting links to APK files that I started hosting from my online storage but I thought that it might be more beneficial to actually have a section of my website (unofficialitguy.com) dedicated to FREE Android apps for Tattoo owners. Most of the applications I've pulled from the android market via the SDK android emulator seem to work without a problem.

    There are two ways to get to the site. One will be from this tinyURL Unofficial IT Guy
    The other is by clicking on the little purple Android on my main website.


    Let me know if there are any apps that I should add that people love/want/need that you can not get on the Tattoo market.

    Remember: FREE apps only. No warez.

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  2. naviworks

    naviworks New Member

    kudos to you.......thank u very much. i tried ur website. its neatly made....one suggestion for u. add a small description of how a particular application works or whats its use etc..it will be helpful
  3. unofficialitguy

    unofficialitguy Active Member

    I'll look into what I can do to streamline the site and add descriptors but it may take a little bit of time to get done due to the current layout being basically a frame of my server's public folder that auto updates upon upload.

    Thanks for the input. I'll see what I can do.
  4. bfradio

    bfradio New Member

    I tried to access your site from my Tattoo to download an APK. When I selected the first APK from the list, com.application.dialeratbar.apk, I was sent to the download page. However, using Dolphin Browser, I was unable to select the download button. When I would touch the screen it was like the it was trying to select the whole screen.
  5. unofficialitguy

    unofficialitguy Active Member

    The site was tossed together using the iframes tag and iWeb WYSIWYG. I created it this way because of the clean look and the ability to download ALL APK files by clicking the D=Android folder and click 'Download'. The host compresses it into a single .zip and once downloaded you can install all of them using adb install.

    I will keep this in mind when revamping the site (making it Tattoo Browser compatible).
  6. chtamina

    chtamina Well-Known Member

    I got the .apk of tattoo market helper: it does NOT work.
    Good job for the website.
    I'm writing you in private to fill a request =)

    EDIT: thanks !
  7. anino78

    anino78 Member

    Hi do u have the file for Text to speech enxtended? I downloaded the google translator but it needs that program to be able to speak the translated language. The tattoo market doesnt show this program.

    thanks! great site bro. simple like android.
  8. Unicorn1259

    Unicorn1259 Member

    I really have been wanting the music trivia apps! If you could add them I would be sooooo happy!!! :)
  9. qherbal

    qherbal New Member

    hey guys,

    i found a german website where you can find lots of (free) apk's for direct download - for mobile browsers optimized, too ;-)

  10. ephaphtha88

    ephaphtha88 New Member

    apkcentral.com has a lot of good free applications and its pretty easy to navigate and use

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