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  1. YPud

    YPud Active Member

    I fancy giving swype a try so i have downloaded the apk file but i now dont know what to do with the file i.e. how do i get it to start working?

  2. t3hbooth

    t3hbooth Member

    how to install .apk files on htc desire - Google Search
    At least google it man, I'm seeing the official HTC website with instuctions, a youtube video, HTC Desire dedicated websites all with guides - I'm guessing you found this site through google in the first place, trust in it
  3. Saint2710

    Saint2710 Well-Known Member

    Have you subscribed to the Swype Beta? (Which is now closed incidentally)

    If you have then you need to click the link in your welcome email to install the swype installer and then yu can download Swype from their site and it will install on the Desire.
  4. YPud

    YPud Active Member


    I knew i would get a good reply on here as i couldnt get the swype apk i downloaded to work using ES. BTW Ive been on here longer than you so dont patronise me!!


    No i missed out on the trial but i have seen links to a beta download on the XDA forums but i cant install/activate the download.
  5. Evil Genius

    Evil Genius Well-Known Member

    just to help me understand:

    you have downloaded a beta verision or not?
  6. HTCandroid

    HTCandroid Well-Known Member

    if it is not a beta version i don't think they are supposed to be installed...

    But in case you have problems installing a legal apk on your phone here is the instructions to save you making a new thread :D :-

    use the app 'appinstaller' from the market


    use 'astro file manager' search on your memory card where you saved the app, click on it and press install.
  7. Saint2710

    Saint2710 Well-Known Member

    When I got the link from Swype it was for the Swype installer, Once that was installed it downloaded the program direct from Swype and away I went.

    I had the great idea of trying to install it on my friends desire so backed the app up to sd, we then tried installing on his Desire but it wouldn't work,said it was configured for another phone? Maybe it uses the actual phone identification somehow??

    Good luck, I hope you can get it or can join the Beta programme soon.:)
  8. DjLukeW

    DjLukeW Well-Known Member

    APK on memory card
    install andexplorer from market
    use that to find your apk file and open it. and it will install

  9. YPud

    YPud Active Member

    Yes i have downloaded a beta version if you do a search for swype-hvga-1.56-htc_ime-en-licensed.apk you will see there are a number of sites to download it from as instructed on the XDA forum as i said earlier, now whether its a genuine version or legal, I havent got the foggiest.:)

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