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  1. nogloww

    nogloww Member

    I accidentally replaced the contacts apk's on my Kindle Fire with the apk's from my Android phone (thinking it would import my full contacts instead of just the name and phone number) and now my contacts don't work and googleservicesframework keeps force closing...I know, I should have made a backup first. Dumb. I'm still learning.

    If anyone has the Kindle: accountandsyscsettings.apk and .odex,contactsprovider.apk and odex I would appreciate it very very much. Thanks.

  2. nogloww

    nogloww Member

    Never mind. I figured it out with some help from airmaxx23.
  3. I have put the accountsync apk and the contact apk in my dropbox here: http://db.tt/RDFQKBRs. I couldn't find the opx file that you're missing. If you know the exact name of it then send ot over to me and ill grab it for you

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  4. If it would be easier for you, I could just send you the full apps folder that have made on dropbox. Tell me either or and that'll be fine with me :)

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