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APN can't be addedSupport

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  1. Another Joe

    Another Joe New Member

    Full disclosure - I know very little about what makes these things tick.

    I'm trying to get my Merge to work on Straight Talk. After inputting the APN I proceeded to delete the other APNs (as ST instructs). It's possible I changed a setting in the meantime, but now all APNs are gone and it no longer allows me to add a new one. When I click "Menu" with the APN screen open, I just get the short vibration with no changes on the screen.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


  2. Another Joe

    Another Joe New Member

    Couldn't figure it out or get answers, so did hard restart. Supposedly it was unlocked before I started though.... now it's not. Just ordered unlock codes... Straight Talk support wasn't much help, other than telling me it wouldn't work. :)

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