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  1. drphil

    drphil Member

    Sorry if this has been asked before, I read the older threads but can't find the answer.

    I recently debranded my Galaxy Portal, on the 3 network in the UK.

    What are the APN settings to reconnect? Google searches only give bits of answers.

  2. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    Try this.

    Wireless & Networks
    Mobile Networks
    Access Point Names.
    Press Menu and try Reset to default.

    Failing that, delete any existing APN settings

    And consult this list for your settings.

    APN List for ALL providers

    N.B This list only shows the entries where needed. If no entry is shown it means no password or no proxy etc.
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  3. drphil

    drphil Member

    Hi, thanks for the info.

    I ended up calling 3 customer services and they gave me something similar. There's just a few differences though.

    For MMS proxy they told me wheras the list you linked says it says the MMS proxy is mms.three.co.uk

    Also for APN type, 3 services said default, the list says default + MMS, but my phone doesn't have the option so I set internet + MMS.

    Maybe due to the debrand?
  4. hexdsl

    hexdsl Active Member


    i know this is a little off topic but i am on UK3 network too and am having a strange problem since Rooting.

    several times a day my phone will loose 'data' connection and i have to go to my settings and re-sellect '3' as the provider before it comes back. have i not selected something?

    Im asking here as you seam to have the same phone/provider
  5. hexdsl

    hexdsl Active Member

    @beerkan. our signature says

    My Phone: Galaxy i5700 Spica Portal Lite: Rooted Android 2.1 : Apps2SD: LiveWallpapers: Optimised Samdroid Kernel : Optimised TurboLibs :

    I know what Samdroid Kernel is (i have that too :) thanks to your guide) but where can i find information about setting up live wallpaper and what is TurboLibs?

    sorry to ask like this but the information is hard to find.
  6. drphil

    drphil Member

    Another quick question on the Portal, a bit annoying.

    When you are unlocking the screen, via sliding the green thingy, there is a speaker on the other side to mute sounds. Except it not only mutes sounds it turns off the vibration too. So to mute the phone without losing vibrate I have to go to sounds and enter silent mode. It seems to have 2 silent modes, 1 is vibrate which turns off all tones except alarms but keeps vibrate, the other (via front screen slider) turns off everything.

    No way to change that?

    And one more, when I'm on 3, (home network) it still shows the little "R". That's one of the issue I listed earlier. However since the firmware flash I no longer have the same options for data usage. Originally under "Data roaming" it gave the options;

    • Not allowed
    • National only
    • All networks
    Now it is just on or off. If I'm on 3 with the "R" symbol, it won't access data at all. But surely as long as it says 3 I can turn data roaming on because it's not really roaming?

    And last stupid question, if I am on home network will that background data access cost me anything?
  7. hexdsl

    hexdsl Active Member

    no, i see your point there. i have the same issue, can anyone shed light on it? (roaming issue) i may have plugged this my manually selecting 3 from the network providers in call settings

    as for the slide volume thing, i think if you go to settings for each app and turn on Vibrate notify then it stays of even if the phone is on silent (by apps i mean email and ringtone and any other notifications individually)
  8. hexdsl

    hexdsl Active Member

    ** UPDATE

    I called 3 support today. if your using roaming in mainland uk for data you WILL NOT BE CHARGED ANY EXTRA!

    there, just enable data roaming and go stress free about your business.


    no, if your connected to your wifi then its none of 3's business. so no charges.
  9. simonk292

    simonk292 New Member

    Hi drphil

    Could you tell me how you debranded your Portal? I recently bought a used one and the 3 ireland network stuff is beggining to bug me. I've found this site which supplies a pack for 10 quid, but not sure how good they are or if there are better ways:
    Debrand Samsung i5700 Galaxy Portal

  10. drphil

    drphil Member

    Fonefunshop were the one I used. It worked fine, but the instructions weren't too clear for a technophobe and the aftersales service was crap. If you have half an idea of what you're doing though it's fine.
  11. simonk292

    simonk292 New Member

    Thanks - will give it a go
  12. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    Guys, save yourself the money, and upgrade the firmware yourself. See my Root guide.
  13. hijas143

    hijas143 New Member

    Hi All,

    Whatsapp application on my S2 on 3 mobile UK is not sending and receiving any messages. The regular data network i.e. internet surfing and FB are working correctly on mobile data. I can receive and send whatsapp messages over WiFi. I tried changing the APN settings but found no luck. When I change the settings it switches back to its previous APN. could you please help me.

    Thanks and Regards.

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