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APN settings on uk o2 pay monthlyGeneral

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  1. crippsy_99

    crippsy_99 Member

    After 2 years on the same sim only contract, I 'upgraded' yesterday to a new, cheaper sim only contract but offering me more of everything on o2. Seemed a good deal.
    However I lost all mobile data and MMS the moment the upgrade went through. I had a text then to say if I wanted to access them from my phone, to call customer service for the settings, or look on the website for manual settings.

    My phone is a HTC Desire HD. The o2 website does not have this phone, only the Desire, or the Desire S. Over the phone, they would not help as they do not stock the HD, and suggested a google the settings, contact HTC to see if they have some, or BUY A NEW PHONE!?! Apparently there is nothing they can do?!
    Googling brought me here and a couple of other sites, but can only seem to find settings related to the Desire or Desire S, not the HD. And I have exactly the same settings as posted around for the Desire S, however it does not work at all still. It was working fine until last night, so I cant understand what the problem is!

    Looks like i'll be calling into an o2 shop next week or will have to try and cancel the new contract as the whole point of the upgrade to a sim only tarriff with extra data allowance on was to use on my current phone! Bit useless having a smart phone which cant do anything besides call!

    Until then, does anyone have any other settings to try for a Desire HD on o2 pay monthly?

  2. CDPlant

    CDPlant Well-Known Member

    What are the current APN settings you have? Networks have a standard APN across all devices, I'll have a look and see what the default O2 one is

    Edit: the apn should be - mobile.o2.co.uk
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  3. crippsy_99

    crippsy_99 Member

    Went into the live chat in the end with an o2 'guru', maanged to sort me out straight away with the correct settings, while the rest of o2 said nothing could be done.
    Cheers anyway.
  4. jontownsend39

    jontownsend39 New Member

    I got same problem but with talkmobile help plz

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