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  1. Hey all,

    So I finally made the switch to Android, with the Atrix 2 being my first. It's got quite a learning curve (from someone used to using a feature phone + iPod touch), but I'd say I'm learning decently enough.

    However, I'm having a few issues that I don't know if it's Android's fault or the phone's fault. One such issue is that APNdroid doesn't work the way it should. I wanted a way to disable 3g/4g but leave MMS enabled (since I go to a completely wifi-enabled college) so I can receive media messages without the phone using up data (cause, you know, limited plan and all). However, it never seems to work properly. I set up the application, but when I use the widget, it will always stay green--and yet, the data connection will always be terminated. No data, no MMS capabilities.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is this: has anyone else tried this application and had it work? I don't know if it's just unsupported by 2.3.5 or if my Atrix 2 is defective (I seem to have a massive battery issue, but that could be from me simply installing the wrong applications.)


  2. 916x10

    916x10 Well-Known Member

    MMS can only be sent/rcvd on 3g/4g.....I looked in to that till I was bleeding from all orofices. I thought there was something wrong with my phone for a while but that's not the case.
  3. So wait, why is there even an option to allow MMS within APNdroid? I understand I can simply disable data from within the battery and data manager settings, but that also kills MMS. I was looking for a way to disable 3g/4g but still get MMS. I figured that since there were two separate APNs for both HSDA+ data and MMS, there could be a way to differentiate between the two.

    At this point, I simply chalked it up to APNdroid not supporting the Atrix2 yet, since I saw others complain about it not working with the SGSII.
  4. 916x10

    916x10 Well-Known Member

    I have no experience with said app so I don't know. I just know with no data connection you won't get mms.
  5. Freakshow999

    Freakshow999 Active Member

    No experience with the app but I do know when wifi is enabled the phone defaults to wifi for data. Which in case should take care of your usage concerns.
  6. Yeah, I thought about that. I don't know quite how badly having wifi on will drain the battery. I did just get the phone two days ago, so I don't exactly know to what extent the battery can handle the wifi constantly on (since the battery has to go through a few charge cycles to be optimized, if I'm not mistaken.)

    You think it'll last me the day if I leave wifi on and don't do much else besides checking email? I heard such good things about this phone's battery life, I suppose I'll start seeing it after it gets adjusted to being used.
  7. Freakshow999

    Freakshow999 Active Member

    According to the battery life post here you should be fine with wifi on and light usage.

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