Apocalypso ROM installation problem!

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  1. k0ushik

    k0ushik Member

    Hey guys i want to install this rom and I somehow cannot do so..
    [ROM] CM7-APOCALYPSE-FINAL [09.07.12] [FireKernel OC] - xda-developers
    I cannot find the zip file in my sd card.
    I have downloaded the final version in the second post.
    Should i try with the 17.06 version??
    and is a ext4 partition a must for this rom??
    And could someone also explain how to finish the gps settings and flash the ics script step by step!
    Thanks in advance!!

  2. k0ushik

    k0ushik Member

    problem solved..installed the 17.06 version..plz delete thread

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