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[APP][2.1+][FREE] Flashlight Mini 1.4

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  1. AndTools

    AndTools New Member

    Simple flashlight app with widget and notification support.

    ✔ Widget to turn on/off your flashlight
    ✔ Flashlight does not turn off when the screen is off
    ✔ Use your screen light as a flashlight
    ✔ Use notification to instantly turn off the flashlight
    ✔ Led Brightness setting for most HTC devices
    ✔ AOSP Jellybean and Gingerbread styled widgets

    More features and more devices will be added in future updates
    You can check the app in Play Store

    Please leave your feedback in this thread or via email.

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  2. AndTools

    AndTools New Member

    App update to 1.4 version

    Recent Changes:
    New widget style chooser wizard
    New widget image
    New gingerbread like widget theme
    Many bug fixes
  3. AndTools

    AndTools New Member

    Uninstaller Mini makes uninstalling apps an easy task.
    Check multiple applications and press the "uninstall" button to uninstall selected apps. Sort apps by size and uninstall unneeded apps which take the most storage space. Tap on "search" button and filter apps by typing a keyword in the search box.

    ✔ Batch uninstall apps
    ✔ Filter app list
    ✔ Sort by size or name
    ✔ Display app name and size

    Download link:

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