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[APP][2.1+] Notification Agenda | Simple and Elegant Notification Notes App

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  1. Nazgulled

    Nazgulled Member

    Project Title:
    Notification Agenda

    Official Website:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Project Description:
    Simple application which turns small notes into pleasing status bar notifications with fancy high quality icons. All your notes are easily accessible so you never forget all those important appointments ever again. Never forget an appointment ever again with Notification Agenda.

    Some relevant features include:

    • Several fancy and high quality icon sets
    • Change individual notes visibility
    • Quickly edit any visible note
    • Load visible notes on boot
    • Intuitive and elegant user interface

    The above is just the beginning; lots of more features are already planned for future versions. A premium and ad-free version is also planned to be released soon allowing you to support further development if you are inclined to do so.




    Those of you who don't mind, please leave a small comment in the Android Market, along with a rating that you find appropriate (but please void bad reviews and low ratings, if you have a problem with the app, ask first). If you do not have the patience to leave a comment, use the phone's Market app to simply rate my app (I believe you can't just rate online, you are obliged to comment, but I'm not sure).

    And if you don't mind sharing the Market application link in all your social networks (or only the ones you prefer), I'll be forever grateful.

    Thanks in advance to everyone for their support.

    Social Networks:


  2. Nazgulled

    Nazgulled Member

  3. Nazgulled

    Nazgulled Member

  4. Nazgulled

    Nazgulled Member

    Version 1.0.4 (2012/03/12)
    • Fixed major bug in the Turkish locale rendering the application useless

    Version 1.0.3 (2012/03/11)
    • Fixed bug on visibility button with the toggle state being lost while scrolling out of view
    • Fixed bug on note editor with the ad banner and changes on the screen state
    • Fixed colors on the ChangeLog dialog (Android 3.0 and above)
    • Added home screen shortcut to create a new note
    • Added new ActionBar icons and a more standard behavior
    • Added custom background to selected items on the notes list
    • Improved activity and task management for the note editor
    • Improved support for Android 4.0 and extra high density devices
    • Notifications icons are now maintained in order of creation
    • All graphics optimized with new image compressor
    • Updated ActionBar library with custom tweaks
    • Overall code and UI improvements
    • Minor bug fixes


  5. Nazgulled

    Nazgulled Member

    Version 1.1.0 (2012/11/02)

    • Major application and code rewrite with a couple of new features
    • Better notification management for all Android versions
    • Fixed bug on data loss when the editor activity was killed
    • Lots of overall code and UI improvements
    • Lots of minor bug fixes


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