[APP][2.2+][FREE] USB Tether Popup - as close to auto USB tethering as possible

  1. andarite

    andarite New Member

    As far as I know, there is no way to enable USB tethering automatically after plugging in the device. This is the next best thing. When you connect your Android device to your computer, the tethering menu will open automatically.

    There are two versions of this app. The regular version works on all devices that support UMS. The compatibility version works on all devices, including those that do not support UMS.

    I don't have enough posts, so I can't make these links, but the URLs are below:

    Regular UMS version
    Compatibility non-UMS version

    usb_tether_popup_free.jpg usb_tether_popup_non-ums_free.jpg tether_popup_screen.jpg

    I hope some of you find this useful.


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