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    App Sync let you run apps seamless on your various handsets (phones, tablets, and other android devices), because it can synchronize app data between handsets and cloud in 1-click or automatically,

    Use scenarios:
    * Stop running an app on one phone/tablet, and continue it from the same state on another one.
    * Migrate app data between phones/tables
    * Backup/Restore app data
    * Work/play on same app with friends





    * ROOT permission
    * Have a Dropbox account

    * Sync up app data in 1-click or automatically (PRO version)
    * Multiple apps can be synchronized
    * Automatic sync-up in configurable interval
    * Conflict options to resolve different data version on different places
    * Wifi only option

    Basic Usage:
    1. Link to Dropbox. It will go to Dropbox site to link App Sync with one of your dropbox folder. Select "Allow" to set up the link.
    2. Add apps to sync-up list. Click Add icon to load installed apps, select multiple apps and click "OK" to add them to sync-up list.
    3. Sync up apps

    email: yottasjoy@gmail.com
    Google group: App Sync Support | Google Groups

    Check it out in google play
    QR code:

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    GDriveSync - Uploads photos, videos and everything automatically from your phone to Google Drive (GDrive) whenever you're online. Easy to set up and for daily use.

    * Manual and automatic sync
    * Wifi only option
    * multiple folders supported
    * As simple to use as possible

    1. Select google account with Google Drive for the first time lanuch
    2. Configure uploading folders as many as you want.
    3. Configure upload preference.
    4. Enable "Auto Sync" for automatic sync or Just click "Sync" to start sync by manual

    Long click folder to view more options




    Download at Google play:
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    There is a google application on google play, isn't it?
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    Hi all,

    I'm glad to introduce my new app - ProxyPlus Free. When you need surf internet or use apps through a USA or UK proxy, just select a country and click "fetch proxy". It then will fetch and configure a working proxy on the phone.

    ==== Requirements ====
    * Root permission

    ==== Features ====
    * Thousands of daily updated proxies in various countries
    * Fetch and validate proxies in one click
    * Support HTTP/SOCKS4/SOCKS5 proxy
    * Support user authentication
    * Low battery and memory consumption

    ==== Basic Usage ====
    1. Select a proxy country
    2. Click "Fetch proxy"
    2. Switch "Enable Proxy" to "ON"

    Download at google play:

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