[APP][2.2+] PhoneLeash 1.7 - SMS fwding & reply/SMS export; lost phone finding; much more!

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  1. PVS

    PVS Well-Known Member

    Hello AF community:

    A new version of PhoneLeash is now on the Android Market! Its a big release, so announcing it in a new thread.



    Quick intro: PhoneLeash forwards SMS, missed call, and other notifications to an email address, or another phone. You can even reply to SMS remotely. It also helps find the phone if its lost - GPS locating, loud ring etc. We think these 2 types of features go well together since it allows you to "use" your phone even when its lost. But we do have users using it just for its SMS forwarding -- apparently it does a good job! :)

    For more background see here.

    Whats new in this release:

    - You can control what you want forwarded to you. You can choose to delete forwarded SMS, as well as your replies (so there are no messages left on your phone!).




    - SMS forwarded to email look intuitive, and when you reply from email, they form Gmail conversations


    - When using Gmail SMS' are forwarded so the threads form a conversation view - you'll forget these are forwarded SMS'!


    - Selectively block notifications from some numbers - just SMS over the command "block <number>" to your phone running PhoneLeash and no more SMS or missed call notifications for <number> (same command to unblock).

    - If you are forwarding to another SMS destination (phone/Google Voice/HeyWire/TextFree) replying is VERY easy. See here. [this is not a new feature but worth mentioning!]

    - Now you can export an entire day's texts to email with just a simple command. If you forward to GMail, yes they form intuitive conversations!


    Here's what you get when you click on the thread (above) with "Text":


    - Seriously improved locating - PhoneLeash now uses BOTH GPS and WiFi/cell towers AT THE SAME TIME to find phone location. The most accurate AND most recent fix is preferred, but if there isn't a clear winner, PhoneLeash will send you both - you have all the info needed.

    - But imagine losing your phone inside a building. GPS probably won't work, but if you knew the WiFi networks it could see, maybe that'll give you a clue! Yes, there is a PhoneLeash command for that!


    - How about battery status? Sure there's a command for that too!


    Download it now, while its still free!


    (Thank you beta testers!)


  2. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky Well-Known Member Contributor

    You forgot to mention one of the best features - the 'tls' alias for the 'tolastsender' command.
  3. PVS

    PVS Well-Known Member

    Hello - PhoneLeash 1.8 has been released, as of a few days ago. v 1.8 is trialware, with a 30-day trial period. Subsequently, users can choose from an a la carte menu ranging from $ 0.99 for a subset of features, to $ 2.99 for everything.

    Setup has been simplified even further, see quick start guides for forwarding to an email address here and for forwarding to an SMS number here.

    New features:

    - Initiate new SMS from remote phone, and have it be sent out of your PhoneLeash phone:
    @2223334444 this is my remote message

    - Block (or allow) notifications, SMS from selected numbers ONLY. Select blocked (allowed) contacts from an in-app screen (below).


    - 'Calllog' command to get a summarized list of all calls for one day (grouped by outgoing/incoming/missed)

    - 'Smslog' command to get a list of all SMS threads for one day (grouped by thread)

    - Improved GASP (GPS At Shutdown Point) - know where your phone is just as the battery dies (you'll be surprised!)

    - Annoyances removed (no more "Try PhoneLeash" signature, repetitive password dialog)

    - 'block' command retired in favor of simpler UI based selection

    Enjoy the app, and do ask for help. Or write even if you don't need any help! PhoneLeash is also on Facebook now.


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