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  1. stradale

    stradale Member

    Hi there! I need some help testing an app I just published on the android market.

    The app can be found here.

    It's really simple to use. You just need to set a main password and you're ready to go!

    The purpose of this app is to give users a way to safely store their most important passwords (bank accounts, e-commerce sites, etc).
    It encodes the password using the main password (using AES) and they can then save it on a NFC tag and carry it around in their wallets, or print a QR code in a normal sheet of paper and save it on a ringbinder at home.

    This is for people who don't trust the cloud or don't like writing their passwords on a piece of paper in plain text either.

    I would really appreciate any honest feedback and hearing suggestions about what you would change.

  2. stradale

    stradale Member

    Just added NFC support to save passwords in NFC Tags.
  3. stradale

    stradale Member

    Well, almost a month later and with zero replies, I would appreciate any kind of feedback, honest or not :D

    Come on mates, it's 5 minutes of your time ;)
  4. bradlyspicer

    bradlyspicer Member

    I think this part of the forum is dead as the rest of it is primarily for people raging about their phones and asking for support
  5. stradale

    stradale Member

    It took some time but the app is now production ready!

    I'm keeping it free until the end of the year, so give it a try and feel free to suggest any change or ask for a new feature.

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