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  1. onwebmobile

    onwebmobile New Member

    I would like to introduce You our brand new application, the Alarm Clock Expert. It is version 1.0, and we are really curious about the opinions of the members of this community.

    The application currently implements 6 unique alarm types, which makes it one of the most feautured alarm clock on the market. These are:
    - Music alarm
    - Soundpack alarm
    - Super Gentle alarm
    - Light alarm
    - Brutal alarm
    - TTS alarm

    All these mods have different options. Each of them provides different wake up experience. You can find detailed descriptions about each on the market page. In future updates, we will implement more-and-more alarm mods to satisfy everyone's needs. Ideas from You are welcome! :)

    We broke out from the usual user interface design of the alarm clocks. Ergonomic design provides smooth easy-to-use user interface combined with vast functionality.
    Immerse yourself in nature with the built in ambient music mixer by downloading from our ever-growing soundpack collection.

    The one-click Relax feature helps you fall asleep, meditate, or just have a quick nap. With ease of a few touches you can set up a duration to play music or soundpack, or set an alarm for a short nap.

    Feel free to try out Alarm Clock Expert, and all its features. The link to the free version of the application is shown below:


  2. onwebmobile

    onwebmobile New Member

    We recently updated the Alarm Clock Expert to version 1.0.2.

    The default soundpack is now extended with more natural sounds: 4 kinds of birds, 3 sound samples per each, 3 frog sounds, new multiple ambient beackground sounds.

    Have a better, natural wakeup experiens with our Alarm Clock Expert app

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