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[APP] ArkMC Media Center DLNA/UPnP

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  1. ArkMC Arkuda Media Center

    Play Google: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.arkudadigital.arkmc.gm


    Please take a look at ArkMC DLNA/UPnP application for Android devices.

    ArkMC allows you to:
    1. watch media (video, photos, and listen to music) located at PCs, MACs, network storages and other DLNA devices on your Android device.
    2. send media from one DLNA device to another.
    3. send media from your Android device to another devices, such as PCs, TV, another DLNA mobile devices.

    Servers (devices where media is stored):
    - Desktop and laptop computers with:
    o Windows Media Player
    o XBMC
    o Foobar2000
    o PS3 Media Server
    o TwonkyMedia server
    o AllShare​
    - Android devices
    - Network Attached storages with DLNA/UPnP
    - Set top boxes with DLNA/UPnP
    - Media Players with DLNA/UPnP

    Renderers (devices where media can be played):
    - Desktop and laptop computers with:
    o Windows Media Player
    o XBMC
    o Foobar2000​
    - Android devices
    - iPhone, iPad
    - Network Attached storages with DLNA/UPnP
    - Set top boxes with DLNA/UPnP
    - Media Players with DLNA/UPnP
    - TVs with DLNA/UPnP
    - Acoustics with DLNA/UPnP

    1) run ArkMC,
    2) see the list of servers,
    3) select Windows Media Player
    4) select music file, or video file
    5) play it either on Android device, or send it to TV

    3rd party players support enables you to use standard android player, or any other installed player. This ensures that you can play a lot of different file formats.

    YouTube support: with the help of ArkMC you are able to not just watch YouTube video on your device, but also to send YouTube video to another rendrers, and watch it for example on TV.

    We are trying to make ArkMC application better and we would appreciate to have your feedback:
    e-mail: arkmc(at)arkudadigital.com
    web site: Arkuda Media Center
    Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.arkudadigital.arkmc.gm
    Amazon: Amazon.com: ArkMC Media Center: Appstore for Android


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. Features:

    • Digital Media Player (DMP)
    o Searching media servers in home network;
    o Browsing content of a media server, selecting media item (examples: video, audio or photo);
    o Playing media stream from DMS;
    o DMP can't be discovered or controlled by other software, which operates in home network.​

    • Digital Media Server (DMS)
    o Makes itself available for discovering in home network;
    o Exposing and distributing media content throughout the home network;
    o Provides a browsable hierarchy of media resources and streams them on request.​

    • Digital Media Controller (DMC)
    o Discovering media servers and media renderers in home network;
    o Browsing content of a media server, selecting media item (examples: video, audio or photo);
    o Selecting digital media renderer (DMR) and connect it with digital media server (DMS) in order to play selected media from server.​

    • Digital Media Renderer (DMR)
    o Makes itself available for discovering and control in home network.
    o Play media streams from a digital media server (DMS);
    o Handle commands from remote UPnP/DLNA software such as “pause”, “seek”, “change volume” etc;
    o Reports "track duration", "current position" etc. to remote UPnP/DLNA software.​

    • Access Point mode support (portable Wi-Fi spot)
    • Supported file formats depend on used 3rd party player
    • Playlists - adding, editing and removing media items*
    • Browsing media files stored in media libraries on UPnP/DLNA-compliant servers (PC, laptop, Tablet PC, NAS (network attached storage), Smartphone)
    • Streaming picture/music/video files to UPnP/DLNA
  3. FAQ

    1. How can I manage my home media network from ArkMC?

    Start ArkMC. Application will automatically search for all UPNP/DLNA
  4. Turer

    Turer Guest

    Nice app. It's found my NAS and Samsung TV, up to now works good.

    Will you guys add repeat and shuffle?
    Drywowd and ArkMCdev like this.
  5. Thanks for your comment.
    We are planning to add repeat, shuffle and some other improvements in a nearest release of application.

    We are thinking on application improvement, so if you some other ideas or recommendations - we would be glad to hear it.
    Drywowd likes this.
  6. I have bought this application as it allows the use of 3rd party inatalled media players with a decent range of video codecs. I use Mobo player and MX player.
  7. I use Foobar2000 on my PC for music sharing. It is the fastest one! It plays music instantly.
  8. Thanks for feedback!
  9. If you have and old Android smartphone, don't throw it away. You can use it as media player, just connecting it to speakers and sending music to DMR.
  10. I have also tried XBMC player. I like its desing. It works good as a renderer.
  11. I'm planning to by some NAS to store my music and video. Because I have huge collection of it.
  12. There are a lot of servers we have tried with ArkMC.

    But I think that it is better to try couple of servers and selece what suits your needs the best.
    You can try Windows Media Player, PlayOn, MediaTomb, Serviio, XBMC.
    Some servers are mutiplatform, some are for specific platform.
  13. I have bought Western Digital NAS 2gb, copied there all my music and videos. ArkMC works good with Twonky server.
  14. Thanks for freedback.
    NAS is very insteresting as DLNA device. Because it is quiet, can be located anywhere in the appartment, do not consume a lot of electricity, can be always turned on and store huge amounts of media.
  15. I'm going to by new Wi-Fi router. I wander if there is any restrictions or reccomendations for DLNA?
  16. There's no any restrictions. The faster router - the better! If you would by the fastest one 300 mbit/s - you will be able to stream several Full HD movies simultaneously!

    Some routers even dave DLNA support - they work as Digital Media Server. You can plug in USB Flash, or HDD and share media!
  17. I have bought Linksys 300 mbit/s. It works very well.
  18. Congratulation on this. :)
  19. I have visited my friend. He has Sony Playstation 3. I have conntected to his home network, but I didn't see Sony Playstation in the list of renderers, though it is DLNA compatible. What could be the reason of this?
  20. The reason is that Play Station 3 do not have DMR fuctionality, so it could not be controlled remotely.
  21. Thanks for the explanation. I thought that DLNA means device include all the functionality. Now I would know.
  22. You are welcome.
    There are couple of DLNA classes.

    The main ones are:
    DMS - server, can share media information, can be accessed by another devices.
    DMP - can browse servers, select media and play it!
    DMC - can browse servers, select media and sent it to another devices and controll their playback.
    DMR - can receive media from controllers and play it, can be controlled.

    There are also Digital Media Printer, Uploader, Dowloader.
  23. Nice. As I see, ArkMC supports all of these classes.
  24. Yes, we wanted to make ArkMC as more functional as we can, but the same time keeping it simple to use.
  25. Question to all ArkMC users:
    What third party player do you prefer?

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