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[App] Calculus Quick Reference [FREE] Released

  1. kumarmaddy

    kumarmaddy Member

    Forget taking down calculus formulas on a paper!

    Calculus Quick Reference lists down all the important formulas and evaluation techniques used in calculus which makes it easier for you to memorize and apply them in solving problems.

    The topics include:

    1) Limits (Basic Properties, Basic Limit Evaluations, Evaluation Techniques)

    2) Derivatives (Definitions, Basic Properties/Formulas/Rules, Common Derivatives, Conditions for Increasing/Decreasing and Conditions for Concave Up/Concave Down)

    3) Integrals formulas/Rules and Standard Evaluation Techniques(u substitution, Integration by Parts, Products and Quotients of Trig Functions, Trigonometric Substitutions and Partial Fractions)

    4) Table of Laplace Transforms

    Link: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.nuzedd.CalculusQuickReference

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